Seaside Stash Busting Blanket – Week 29

Coastal Crochet


Week 29 and this week we return to a couple of rows of ‘V-Stitch’ – a nod to deck chairs or the pitched roofs of a row of beach huts and then we end with Popcorn Stitches… like sand and pebbles! 🙂 🙂20170611_151012P1200066IMG_8050(Edited)

And here’s this weeks round-up from over on Instagram

So at the end of Row 123 you should have joined with a new colour and made 3ch which counts as the first tr (US dc) of this next row. Remember it’s UK crochet terminology…

IMG_8226Row 124 Miss next st, 2tr in next st, continue with (miss 1 st, 2tr in next st) to end finishing with 1 tr in final st of row and join with a new colour at end of final st, 3ch, turn (89 groups of 2tr with 1 tr at each side)

We are now creating V’s so inserting hook in-between the sts…

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#C2CMAL2018 July WIP

It's all in a Nutshell

It is getting a bit monotonous, I know, but the temperatures in my city are insanely high and have been relentless for the last month now. We are in an official heat wave that has started on July 12th, and is still going strong. Looks like we might be heading for some lower temperatures in a week or two, but they will still be in the low 20C’s (70F’s). Time to show you what a hot and dry July looks like in my C2C Make Along 2018 temperature blanket. I am using 35 shades of  Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat with a 2.5mm (US 4) hook. Under Resources you find everything you need for the Make Along.


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Sunset Cushions

Catherine's Crochet Corner

So, who remembers me workingon a set of cushion covers?

And who thought I’d forgotten all about them?

Not quite 😀

My lovely pattern testers have been working on these for a little while, but everyone is now done, the errors are all ironed out, and the heatwave has broken so I have enough brain power to present to you the Sunset Cushions!

P1010083 copy

Aren’t they bright and cheerful?

There are three complementary designs. Each design shares the same centre and same colour order, but use post stitches to create different stitch patterns radiating out from the centre.

As you might gather from the name, I was inspired by the colours of a particularly lovely sunset: the reds and oranges close to the horizon slowly transforming through yellows and pinks until finally they meet the darker blues of night creeping in.


The pattern as written uses Stylecraft Special…

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New project

I love this idea!!!

Catherine's Crochet Corner

After the gloom and frustration of my last post, I have some good news to report 😀 no, not a new pattern design precisely, but a new project. Some creativity, at least.

I have embarked on another freeform crochet project. This time a more functional item than The Starry Night: a cushion cover.

To be more precise, a cover for my wheelchair cushion.

As many of you know, I use a wheelchair most of the time when I’m out and about. It’s a nice wheelchair. Lightweight, easy to manoevre, very comfortable. And then there’s the cushion, which is dark grey and covered in vinyl.

It’s boring. It’s dull. Okay, so I don’t actually see it a lot of the time (and neither does anybody else!) because I’m sitting on it, but hey, just because something isn’t seen much doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty, right?

So here I go…

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Announcement: Demelza Blanket CAL

Being Cornish I absolutely have to do this one too!!

It's all in a Nutshell

I would like to announce that I will be doing video tutorials for the Demelza blanket designed by Catherine Bligh. The blanket has been inspired by the character Demelza from Poldark, a series of novels written by Winston Graham in the 20th century and recently adapted for television by the BBC.

The design is completed and is available in English and Dutch. You can jump right in and start making it or you can join me and a lovely group of ladies and make your Demelza blanket as part of a crochet along.

Photo: Demelza Blanket by Catherine Bligh


You need about 3300 meters of yarn for this project. I am using Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn in 13 lovely colors. At this point I have no idea on my colorway (that’s normal for me), so I don’t know exactly how much of each color I will be using. I…

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Announcement: Ubuntu Scheepjes CAL 2018

I absolutely want to do this one!

It's all in a Nutshell

It is time to announce the start of a FABULOUS new crochet along: Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the new Scheepjes CAL and is designed by my dear friend Dedri Uys from Look At What I Made. Dedri has designed a fabulous blanket and I am going to help with the tricky bits by making English and Dutch video tutorials for you.


Preorder Yarn Kits

What is Ubuntu?

I have lived in South Africa for almost 20 years and I understand what Dedri means when she talks about ubuntu. Africa is all about family, about belonging to a community, and about caring for others. Ubuntu is a…

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Seaside Stash Busting Blanket – Week 27

Coastal Crochet


It’s Week 27… wow! And this week we start with a couple more rows of Granny Stitches before yes, the bobbles are back! 🙂 And this time my bobbles are like floating buoys at sea…


These buoys obviously have a hugely practical purpose but I do like the look of them too… we have found many washed up on our local beaches over the years and now have quite a collection at home in the garden… here’s the very photo that kickstarted my ‘Crochet Along’ idea and you can see some buoys there… 🙂 🙂


Before we get onto this week rows, here’s the usual round up from Instagram


Lots of people are still just starting out with this blanket which is fantastic and there are a couple of finishers too! Kath @spiritawaycrochet has finished her gorgeous smaller blanket and look at what Mary @merry_paws has done in the middle…

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