Just Go to the Craft Room and Play..


So, I am in a crafty phase…..you know the type where your head fills with ideas but you just don’t have time enough to do them all and you find yourself tinkering with several projects at once, knowing that concentrating on one would be far more productive..

Still massively enjoying the Little Boxes of Crochet I have collected.  Now on the Blue Scarf and practising stitches with left over wool from the box before that.

I decided it was time to clear out my stash of beads and bits and came across a great way of using left over wool and beads all at the same time!!

There will be more of these….I love them!!

And I learnt to solder a broken piece of china into a pendant…


I must not lie….Maggie did the loop….more practice or a different way of doing it? Not sure yet….research to be done…. I might work this one into a crochet bead necklace later….

Helpful links for you:

Little Box of Crochet – shipping is worldwide!

Tintagel Stained Glass – if you are local to Tintagel and fancy a new hobby give Maggie a call….


Happy Crafting!!

Geri xxx

I Just Needed Less Stuff..

for the longest time, I thought I needed to be more organized; now I know I just needed less stuff #minimalism:

We have spent the majority of our bank holiday weekend sorting through boxes….boxes and boxes of stuff which has been in those boxes for approximately 6 years….firstly in our sheds….then when the sheds had to come down, they sat in our lounge….stuffed in there, right up to the door.  Then, when we got some room in our warehouse they were heaved out of the lounge, into the van and taken to the warehouse, where they were removed from the van and heaved onto shelves in the warehouse.

The time was right and it had to be sorted.  We ploughed our way through boxes of things which were far too damp to keep, we had a little weep over old photos and memories….twice…. We swept out the mouse dropping….yes, I know!!  One dead mouse in box number one…. clothes had been nibbled…. batteries had leaked….

The end of the day, about twenty cups of tea later….the last box…yay….  Full of droppings and seeds, it was pretty revolting so decided most likely all to be thrown in the rubbish bin…oh, no looks like another dead mouse….until he scuttled across the box and scared the life out of me….I squealed…tried to run away in a pretty small space….skidded across the floor on a tray and landed in a heap between two cars….Christopher yelling “I’m on the way!!”  I’m pointing at the box yelling “it’s alive!!”  He’s yelling….”is it still in there!” I’m yelling “I don’t know I’m lying on the floor!”  Poor mouse…..the box was taken outside and off he ran…..cup of tea number 21…..

Rat by Dennis Jones:

By Dennis Jones (click on the picture for more info).

Anyway, all sorted….most of it to the dump, a little part of it kept….I found Pink Cobwebs labels to sew onto my crochet creations….I don’t even remember why I bought those in the first place….

The end hour of the day was devoted to some more crochet practice….I am kind of hooked now…. in fact, being a busy working day I have subscribed to Simply Crochet to keep me going….yay….I have all of these empty spaces now to fill with the things I really want….


I have big plans to edge this with lace and beads….

And so the day must begin with a call to the dentist….alas, a loose filling in my front tooth and I have a tiny dentist phobia….gulp….


Happy Days..

Geri xxx

I Make Cute Things with Yarn..


I did it!!! I logged into Facebook and Twitter just once yesterday and I got so much more done!!

I am back to teaching myself to crochet….using Sophie’s Universe in book form….with brilliant pictures and easy explanations I am so enjoying it.


As you can see I messed up a while back with the stitches at the bottom, but continued as I am keeping this for myself.  I am getting better and better at it and I love the roses!!  I want to make myself a scarf using some of these stitches next.

I bought my book from The Wool Warehouse along with a pack containing the wool I needed.

I keep gazing at this in total awe, not quite believing that I made that!  Blocking is the next hurdle…I am sure it will be fine!


That’s it, it’s Friday Yay!!!! Lots to do…..logging out again for 24 hours….have a fab day!!

Geri xxx

Do More Things That Make You Forget to Look at Your Phone..


I have been quite guilty lately of constantly checking my social media account, that fear of missing out rearing its ugly head again…..

Just realising this has made me think again about my routines…..at last I am back to logging into Facebook and Twitter just once a day and continuing to keep my pictures on Instagram….

This way I can find the time again to do the things I love to do….and to find the time to do new things too..

This includes re-educating myself to eat properly.

It includes spending more time learning how to crochet.

It includes my journey into yoga.

Some useful links for you:

The Little Box of Crochet

New Yoga Leggings at Mad Monkey!

So, short and sweet as the sky is blue and I have a huge list of things to achieve today….including a parents evening at school and some more glass cutting and soldering practice!!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping in touch but do remember to pencil in far more offline time than you have right now….I am not ready for going cold turkey yet but I am taking back control…

Have a fab day!!

Geri xxx

Fearne’s Spelt and Goji Berry Loaf..


Yes, we ate too much chocolate over Easter…..we never mean to, but we always do it…

Most pleased to say that I have plunged straight back into the healthy eating cook books….

Now my goji berry loaf did have an absence of goji berries just because I don’t have any and it’s quite a drive to our nearest supermarket who might or might not have them….So, I just put in a little extra pumpkin seeds and a little extra chopped apricots…

Yay, I have my baking hat back on again, full steam ahead….

This one is from:

Cook Happy, Cook Healthy  Fearne Cotton.  Very pleased with this book, it has been well used.

If you are just interested in the recipe…already too many cookery books on the shelf?  You will find it here!

Today the sky is blue….I have loads to do…. enjoy your day! Yes,….you!


Geri xxx

I’d Rather Be Dancing Barefoot in the Grass..


I have tried almost every fad diet available…..all of them, cabbage soup, eggs, slimming potions instead of meals…..when it come down to it the best diet for me is plain old common sense.  Keep the sugar low, keep the fat low….but stop obsessing about food…  When I am dieting I turn into a mad eating freak….I constantly dream about chocolate, about cake and end up starting the diet “tomorrow” and eating all of today…

Now I keep my diet ROUGHLY based around the Slimming World plan as it covers all the nutrients you should be getting to stay healthy….Click on the picture above to read the Daily Mail article on Iris Higgins, a former Jenny Craig consultant who publicly apologised for wronging her clients with unhealthy advice…. It’s not about how heavy or big you are, it’s about how healthy you are….eat fast food, but rarely….eat cake….I make or buy cake once a week and slowly it’s becoming rare for me to want to eat the whole thing at once…. Cut down on processed foods and eat loads of natural foods, fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts….add flavour, cook in coconut oil and use spices…..bland food will not keep you coming back for more….use mustard, olive oil, honey, lemon and garlic to coat your chicken or as a salad dressing….make it exciting….learn new recipes….

Soon fried chicken and burgers will become a distant memory….

Drink loads of water!!!  My HydrateM8 water bottle has helped me with this!

Too much to change at once?  Start by upping your water intake and then when that becomes a habit add the next change….

Listen to your body….it’s not always asking for biscuits and crisps….(ooooh I did love crisps AND I still do, just not as often…..or I make my own with vegetable peelings baked in coconut oil…yum!)….

Parsnip peeling crisps, my favourite!!

So, if you are on a diet and you love it and it suits you don’t change a thing….but if you are trying to stay on a diet but finding it hard….just give it a break and make a few little common sense changes and be gentle on yourself…. fling off your flip flops and go dance in the grass!!!


Geri xxx

Whatever Soothes Your Soul..


I know I go on and on about it, but it is so important to strive not to be perfect, but to love yourself just as you are, right now, right at this very minute…

I try to exercise and eat properly because my thighs are too flabby and my tummy never really recovered after pregnancy and an emergency C section….but to be fair, I  used to try and exercise and eat properly before this, because I was unhappy with my flabby tummy and thighs.. looking back at pictures I realise that they were pretty damn good back then, I just didn’t appreciate it….

Let us not worry about the bodies of others we wish we could have…some things are just not meant to be….Love what you have, don’t listen to haters and bullies and if you want to improve it, just get on and do it….(remember if you are 5 feet tall you will never be 6 feet tall, so go for the achievable…)

But do remember that soul of yours does need soothing, sometimes you should stay in those pyjamas and sometimes you should eat the cake….spend a whole day watching TV with the curtains closed…it’s called balance though guys, don’t do this each and every day…

I find I feel better when I do stuff…..not when I am starving myself on a lettuce diet and not when I am exercising 2 hours a day…. I feel better when I make a list of things to do and I start crossing those things off and at the end of the day I have been so busy that I haven’t eaten as many calories and I have burned more energy and I haven’t even realised it….

Yes, I am larger than I was in my twenties but I am much healthier…..the damn peri -menopause has stolen my waistline….but I have no awful illnesses and I am still here….I appreciate each and every minute whilst thinking about the beautiful friends I have had along the way who are no longer with us….they should have been given the chance of a growing waistline and ever increasing chin hairs, a weak bladder and failing eyesight….so yes, I take all of this and celebrate every one of my so called failings….

So, my lovelies….think about your very own soul today and do some soothing….you deserve it!


Geri xxx