Leave Room in Your Garden for the Fairies to Dance..


More creating today…..just a little bit, the evening having been taken up helping drag a car scissor lift up the gravel drive aided by a multitude of pieces of flimsy wood….

So, one bookmark for the charity FLEET (Frontline Emergency Equipment Trust) and one very cute dainty bracelet….with you fairies in mind….

We have a little bit of a green theme today….

Pink Cobwebs Etsy Shop…

Tomorrow is blood pressure check day….the whole 24 hour checking thing…that puts my gymnastic aerobics off for another day….

Happy Wednesday!!

Geri xxx

Between the Pages of a Book..


The book mark making for Georgia’s charity page has been slower this week due to the amount of homework and revision she has been doing…I have helped her out with a couple added to the Etsy charity shelf of the Pink Cobwebs shop….we have purchased some really lovely ribbon trims to make some more….until then we have a couple still available and here some pictures of some of the pretty treasures already gone..

Don’t forget the proceeds go to Frontline Emergency Equipment Trust (FLEET) via Tara Brenton who is running the London Marathon this year…..

Check it out and make her efforts and blisters worthwhile…

Pink Cobwebs Etsy Shop


Keep reading folks!!!

Geri and Georgia xxx

Look at Your Spending Habits..


I always, always thought that I didn’t earn enough, that was the one and only reason for my lack of funds….but now, looking back, the smaller my wage packet, the more I used to spend and only a very small of the percentage of my spending was on anything I really needed….I had a wardrobe full of clothes I didn’t wear, shoes I couldn’t walk in, so guess what? They became ornaments, dust collectors…items I actually forgot I had….

I bought DVDs I watched only once….I bought hundreds of CDs and only listened to a handful of them regularly…I bought pictures, cushions, throws, towels, anything that caught my eye and in the end I was unhappy because I was overdrawn….

Even now when I have curbed my spending habits there is still some progress to be made….I spend too much on food…so, this week, with the help of A Girl Called Jack I actually sat down and planned my meals for the week….


Very impressed so far with the recipe ideas here and my shopping bill was in fact much lower than usual….

Chickpea salad and seafood paella….

A Girl Called Jack: 100 delicious budget recipes

I also spend too much on books….so I finally succumbed and bought a Kindle…I never expected to be saying this but…..I love it!!!

My shelves will only contain books I might read again, and I don’t usually reread books and buying books on the Kindle is cheaper and with Kindle Unlimited on Amazon massive savings….

I bought the Kindle Paperwhite –

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader, 6″ High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi (Black) – Includes Special Offers really very pleased with it….I am technologically challenged and this is pretty easy to use….AND I love my Kindle case!!


 Fintie SmartShell Case for Kindle Paperwhite – The Thinnest and Lightest Cover With Auto Sleep / Wake for All-New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (Fits All 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016 Versions), Love Tree

So, take a good, long look at your spending habits, do you need to spend all that you do?  Do you need that item?  Can you feed yourself in a more economical way? Do you need Sky TV?  Just little steps can make the world of difference….just try it and see…

And remember don’t worry about what you think others have or don’t have…..concentrate on your own grass….it’s not always greener on the other side….


Geri xxx

Don’t Keep Buying More Stuff


I still have boxes and boxes of broken jewellery and I rarely wear jewellery anyway so what to do with it….

I am taking it all apart and recreating new pieces of jewellery, little pieces of unique art are being reborn…brought back to life…

But I still don’t need all of it so watch this space as it becomes available for you to look at if you want to get ideas to create your own….or to buy if you really like it….

Tonight a multi stranded charm bracelet….this was fun to make…


This one is £15.00 plus postage.  Just click on the picture to investigate further.

So, don’t just go buying brand new stuff when there are so many recycled things to be had….and remember, if you don’t really love it or need it….don’t get it…simple as that…


My downsizing continues….it has escalated into a grand plan for the next 30 days so I will share with you as things go and how it feels….

Happy Rainy Thursday!!

Geri xxx

The Olde Sewing Room..


We have loads and loads of beads and bits and bobs for Georgia to be able to make her jewellery and bookmarks for her chosen charity…however, ribbon is running short so a tiny little craft shopping spree was necessary…honestly!!

I found The Olde Sewing Room on Etsy….here you will find a lesson on how it should be done….beautiful pictures and quite obviously quality wares…Stunning embroidery…I already have a massive “must learn how to do” list…now embroidery is on it too….oh dear…will the list ever end…

The package came yesterday…..again, another lesson on how it should be done….

Packaged beautifully…


Was orginally even better than this, I couldn’t wait to open it so this is the opened version….

Lovely, lovely quality items…

I might have to hide these from Georgia and use for myself….no?? oh OK she can use it for the charity book marks too….

There were a couple of extra unexpected bits in the parcel to make it extra special and a handwritten note from Humayrah..


So…..hear this all ye crafters….use this shop with confidence for that added extra little “something” so hugely missing from other shopping experiences…

Most enjoyable, thanks Humayrah, I will be back!!

The Olde Sewing Room to check it out!

Pink Cobwebs Etsy Shop to check out the charity items made by Georgia for her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award.


Happy…..what is it? Tuesday!!


Geri xxx

Would I Buy This?


So today has been all about sorting and deciding what to keep and what must go….I am on the wardrobe (not physically, not climbed up there in years)….there is no point keeping things that don’t fit, that I haven’t worn in over 6 months, that I don’t in all honesty really like…Being honest I am at the time of life where my waist has disappeared and it’s going to take years of abdominal crunches to sort it out…so most of my clothes don’t make me look quite so hot anymore…

Some in bags to donate….

This is where it will be going….

Some to be sold….mostly Ebay…


Click on the picture to see the other bits I have….but remember, only buy it if you really really need it…I don’t want to fill your cupboards with things you don’t need….that’s what I have been doing for years and I can’t recommend it….

I have jewellery to come and more clothes and more miscellaneous stuff so watch this space….

Don’t forget Georgia is selling bookmarks all proceeds to go to charity

check it out….some gone already so will be chaining her to the craft table again shortly to make some more…..

Happy Sunday night all…

Geri xxx