Fields of Gold Blanket Pattern…

Oh dear it’s been ages since I found some good patterns for you….I have been so busy!

So, I had a few spare minutes and found this one….


Jane Crowfoot is a devine designer of crochet patterns.
This is an original Jane Crowfoot crochet pattern for a beautiful blanket with the title
“Fields of Gold” with sunflowers and poppies.
It is a 12 page A4 size full colour printed brochure pattern with lots of detailed fotos.

This pattern is written in UK crochet terms, but has a legend with translation into USA crochet terms.


Available at the time of writing from Purple Yarns Shop at £5.49 plus any postage….remember it’s the actual booklet and not a downloadable file….if it’s still there after my pay day I’m going back to get it! Just click on the picture to go check it out….

I am currently doing the Coastal Crochet CAL, a little behind again but easy to catch up….


And I have been making some jewellery….all available up there on the Etsy tab….

That’s my few minutes over…..busy again…

Happy Days x

An Exciting Moment…

Coastal Crochet

It was an exciting moment for me when the new issue of Simply Crochet Magazine popped through our letterbox and landed on the doormat! I actually felt quite overwhelmed (in a good way!) For not only do I have a design published in there but I’m also mentioned in the contributors section and have a full back page feature too!! For me that’s just so exciting! 🙂 🙂

I designed these trims which can be used for all kinds of edgings or borders…

As always when designing for magazines, these were on my hooks many months ago and I hadn’t seen them since sending them in. So to see them in print and attached to some jeans as intended is really great. 🙂

I’d been contacted by the magazine quite a few weeks ago to say they wanted a photo and a quote for the contributors section. What to use…

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Little Peeps Creations….


Little Peeps Creations in Etsy

I discovered Cathy’s creations after selling her some little wooden tree buttons….because they were blank on the back she painted them the same (in fact much better) then the print on the front…I thought, I must investigate, there is talent here….And, lo and behold I was right….not only are the items beautifully made, they are a massively welcome change to some of the mass produced toys on the market these days….all needing batteries and buried in plastic….

Of course, it there are rainbow colours involved I’m there…..mesmerised.  If my daughter were younger she would be having these….as it is we are currently going through the teenage years….I am a constant embarrassment for which I am extremely proud.

Should I be buying gifts for little ones in the future I will be popping back to this shop for a little spree….


Cathy’s painted tree buttons!  Brilliant!! So good I am now considering buying in some button blanks and having a go myself!

I do have more bright buttons on the way so click on the Etsy tab above….yes up there somewhere to see my current offerings…

Have a happy day!!!

Geri x

The Posh Crochet Poncho…



This is one beautiful looking poncho….I just purchased the pattern mainly because one of the reviews stated that it was easier than it looked…..being a beginner I find it wiser to do one stitch at a time, one line at a time without looking too far ahead, getting overwhelmed and ditching it even before I have started….

I am still having problems with tension, I am obviously stitching too tightly so working on that….so this one might turn out to be child size!

Purchased from The Posh Crochet in Etsy…

At the moment I am finishing off some crochet bunting for Easter….have made a little wash cloth, also to give away at Easter, with some soap… after this, I shall attempt this little beauty…

I have made some enquiries about stocking some wool for you as mentioned in the last post and am chatting to various suppliers….until then I have a batch of possibly discontinued Sirdar Sunseeker Sensation in baby pink for you….£2.00 a ball, at the moment I have 26 left….


Click on the picture and go take a look….I have my eyes on lots of exciting things so keep checking back for progress….

Some Instagram inspiration for you…..which is where all of my inspiration comes from….


From Gabrielle Davies who is currently Spring Cleaning….I have lots of work to do this Easter weekend but that definitely has me wanting to do some sorting and cleaning….

I will be featuring my favourite Instagram accounts so go find me over there….I am pinkcobwebs1

Happy Easter Weekend!!

New Ideas…..

I am having such a great time learning and trying new crochet techniques…..bit of a collection of Simply Crochet magazines and yet to read books….I think I might have finally found my passion…..


I find I am at my best when I follow a pattern and then slightly change it, I like to say it’s so that it’s unique….but it’s usually because I haven’t quite understood the pattern or I have gone wrong…. it’s all perception after all….

Pattern above comes from the Learn to Crochet Granny Squares and Flower Motifs by Nicki Trench….I love every single pattern in this book….

Anyway, as I am already an online retailer….that’s wetsuits and beach stuff, totally unrelated at Mad Monkey I thought, why don’t I think about selling yarn, because, to be fair I love it far more than I love neoprene….

I have some small stock coming so keep your eyes on my Etsy shop (tab above) as that’s where I will initially put it….should you have any requests just let me know!


Geri xxx

Moments in Twine Yarn Stash Buster…

My favourite crochet pattern of the day….


You will find this one in the Moments In Twine Etsy Shop.

I love that you can use up all your left over wool and create a beautiful bohemian afghan blanket in the process….oh yes, another on my ever growing list of things to do!  I am still awaiting lilac wool to complete my holiday poncho, but am spending my time decorating a gypsy skirt…


My favourite online place of the day…..


Lucy at Attic 24

This picture this morning inspired me to stride off to the shop in power walk mode to get something to enjoy with a cup of coffee….and get fresh air and exercise in the process.  If you have a passion for crochet and for colour, get the coffee on, treat yourself to a slice of cake and click on the link above and spend some browsing time, inspiring yourself….I can guarantee it’s joyful reading and planning time….

And my favourite quote of the day…..


We can’t tell on face value who is struggling the most so do keep it simple….be kind to everyone….oh indeed it can be a challenge but selfishly it’s very rewarding….

Much love to everyone, have a grand and fabulous weekend caring for each other.

Geri xx