The Pocket Wife and Christopher’s new reading hobby…

Today started early with reading in bed.  

Then….I make this short because my last attempt at publishing this disappeared….then, we ventured out for fresh air and wanderings.

At this point it becomes clear that Christopher is indeed, still somewhere within the pages of his book.  Whilst sitting and sipping cappuccino and eating pizza he points out a plump lady in a crazy patterned black and white dress and tells me she is FBI.  We pet the visiting cat and watch a couple of cute dogs play fighting in the street before the next FBI agent passed carrying his machine gun disguised as a stripey umbrella.

We got sleepy after pizza and it started to rain so back to chilling and finishing books.

The Pocket WifeBy 
Susan Crawford is a great read.  I was supposed to save the end for a plane journey on Monday, but I just couldn’t wait to finish it.  

I needed to know more about Dana’s mental illness and what was real and what was not.  Had she really killed her neighbour and had her husband really been having an affair.

The conclusion was great, no silly grey ending leaving you feeling unsure.  That’s just how I like it.

Book now finished and left Christopher finishing his….

Just a few days and the next three books will land on my doormat, and my Monday flight will find me sleeping..   

It’s time to talk pants…

Because in our household we have girlies, we tend to have our nice pants and our old period pants….we decided to give Diary Doll a go….

They are lightweight and of excellent quality.  The design is simple and for this reason our teenager loves them and so do I…. Myself being of the age creeping towards no longer needing period pants….I shall celebrate the day…  

But wait!! I shall still need my Diary Dolls for those impulsive trampolining sessions, for this read sneezing sessions and maybe the occasional over the top giggling sessions usually instigated by my sister….

You see, the Diary Doll pants have a very thin waterproof section, you just can’t see it.. Clever…. Completely machine washable and even though shouldn’t tumble dry, mine snuck in by mistake and were perfectly fine.

The only extra I would really love, and indeed would pay extra for, is to have mine with a name tag.  Weird as it seems, if there are a family of you wearing the same design pants it helps in the laundry process working out who owns which pants….

Buying directly from Diary we got ours in a lovely little vintage shabby chic style cotton bag.

Diary Doll gets a big thumbs up from our household….about to place our next order 😀😍

Jemima J by Jane Green

Jemima J is very overweight.  She lives with two gorgeous flat mates and works with the glamorous Geraldine.  She has the hugest crush on Ben, her very sexy work colleague, but Ben…yep he fancies Geraldine, who alas, does not fancy him. 

It’s a great Cinderella story crossed with Ugly Duckling and very compulsive.  When I wasn’t reading it I was thinking about it, wondering how it might end.  When it ended I wished it hadn’t!  

Personally I am somewhere in between old Jemima and new Jemima so relate to so many of her experiences.

Jane Green is my new found favourite so will be working my way through her stories.

Very, very much recommended!!

Jemima J

If you want to give it a go…just click on Jemima up there….

Off to discover some more bits of Madeira to share with you all soon 😍

Deliciously Ella

This book was the turning point for me.  Ella has a great story behind her clean way of eating and following her website and blogs is inspirational.  Today I ate processed food for the first time in ages and now feeling a tad poorly!

Some of my favourites include the sweet potato brownie, I love this with almond butter!

Trying to cut out sugar is pretty hard but it most certainly can be done with more choices than I thought possible.

Banana and raisin loaf made with oats instead of flour, served warm with banana ice cream made purely from frozen bananas whizzed up in the food processor, as good as it gets!

And flap jacks!! The list goes on and on, give Ella a go and start to feel energetic and healthy again 😃

Deliciously Ella: Awesome ingredients, incredible food that you and your body will love

Flyboarding in Devon

Well that was a pleasant surprise, I can upload from my phone! Even though fat fingers and poor eyesight will be my excuse for any mistakes 😃

Today we have our last two customers of the season Flyboarding here at beautiful Watermouth Cove in Devon.  We have had a great time and today the weather is stunning, as good as it can be! Yay! So now, to go and squeeze into the old wetsuit one last time and have a fun morning!

Geri x

The Accidental Husband

By Jane Green

I found Jane Green in my doctors surgery, I bought her to raise money for charity it was Saving Grace.

Enjoyed Grace so much that I decided to take Jane on holiday next week. Just as well I bought 2 as I have managed to finish this one before I go!  Absolutely brilliant!

This is a short and sweet
post as I am using my phone and I don’t really expect it to upload, but here goes!
The Accidental Husband

Life’s a Beach and Then…


It has been a busy day of lifting and getting dusty and sneezing but here I am during my five minute cup of tea to tell you about Life’s a Beach and Then… by Julia Roberts.

Another really good read.  I never read anything that makes my cry and I thought part way through, oh no…it’s going to be sad!  But it’s sentimental moments were beautifully dealt with and made for a really comfortable read.  I love Julia’s style of writing and it was another “can’t put down” book for me.  At the end I was, of course, left needing to know more so will be waiting for book 2 with anticipation.


To purchase Life’s a Beach and Then…

And now, even though I would rather be reading, I will drag myself back into the dark, dusty warehouse and do another hour of lifting boxes to help enhance my Popeye arms!