You can cook Indian food!!


So, where to start.  How about my inability to cook.  I was the queen of convenience foods, jacket potatoes and the odd takeaway.  The thought of being able to cook an Indian was as remote as it could be.  Until I found Twitter and a world of inspiration.  With 50 fast approaching a healthier lifestyle was calling and having always struggled with psoriasis a change was much needed.  I discovered Hari Ghotra and her curry kits.


For just £3.50 you receive a little kit with separate bags, individually numbered with the spices and flavours you need.  I started with Madras….I can just about manage spices these days.  I even got to use my Jamie Oliver pestle and mortar….at last!


Step by step guide on the card with the bags and an Indian meal comes out at the end even better than we have experienced at our Indian Takeaway.  Since the Chicken Madras I have also tried Chicken Korma which is spicier than the Takeaway version…. I can’t quite believe the person who cooked these meals is me!!

I am so ready to try all of the Hari Ghotra range, hopefully all as successful.  Hugely recommended, even to you the beginner!! Just click on the link below! Do I use too many exclamation marks….maybe….

Hari Ghotra curry kits.

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