A fabulous read!!



The Torn Up Marriage

Tonight I would like to tell you how important this particular book has been to me.

It is the first novel from Caroline Roberts who is one of my bestest friends from school….I know, many years ago, but still pretty much feels like just yesterday!  Up until the publication of this book I had forgotten how to read unless you count scrolling through Facebook until midnight waiting for the phone to bash me on the nose as I fall asleep.

Of course, when the book came out I had to read it, we had after all studied English together for several years so how could I not.  I waited with anticipation for it to arrive and started it straight away.  I was a part of the story from page one right up until the last page.  I had late nights trying to read just one more chapter and went to bed earlier than usual to be able to start my nightly fix.  I must confess that for the majority of my reading time I found myself contemplating not what Kate would do, but what I would do in the same circumstances…..even now I am not so sure how my story would end if it were me.

The writing is beautiful and full of feeling, sadness and humour and very easy to read.  The characters are totally believable, vulnerable, frustrating and so familiar to so many readers. I was totally captivated from beginning to end.

I read very few book reviews as how you connect with a book is totally personal.  What I like, others might hate and what others take pleasure from reading I would struggle with.  For this reason there will be no bad reviews from me, I find it distasteful to write a bad review when the writer has worked so hard and for some people done a really great job.  If I love something you will know about it, if I dislike something it just won’t be here.


So, Caroline….I am hugely pleased to report that I loved your first book, you have reintroduced me to reading again….I haven’t stopped since reading this one and am so looking forward to your next one.  Be sure to let me know when it is out.  Oh, and when you are in Cornwall next let me know, a coffee and a cake is a must!!!

Go buy it now at The Torn Up Marriage
 – a fabulous read! Especially for your holiday!

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