Pretty damn good!


So, I ran out of reading material….being as disorganised as I am and had to raid Georgia’s reading drawer.  This is the book I had chosen.  I have heard lots about Zoella, Georgia totally loves her so it’s like she is a part of my family and I have watched her and she is very sweet.  I must confess I have watched more than once the marshmallow challenge with her very cute brother Joe and yes, myself and Georgia have played the marshmallow game too!

How to play the marshmallow game

Do you know what?? I love this book, there is a great amount of wisdom in there and lots of advice not only for your teenagers but for yourselves too….if you are now into middle age, like myself.  Forget your Fifty Shades of Grey, this is where it is at for me…being fifteen with all of those insecurities and issues.  I still have most of them. If you are still fifteen, go with Girl Online, you are just not ready for the Grey book yet, as indeed I am not either….I prefer to remain in the Zoella world.

I did hear that there was a ghost writer involved with this tale, but really….it doesn’t matter to me.  Zoe has put her name to the book whether she wrote it or not.  The ghost writer, if indeed there is one, was happy to have Zoe put her name to the book.  Read it and enjoy…like I did.  Georgia now has the second book for perusal on her holiday in Tenerife and I shall be getting my hands on it when she returns.  I am certain it will be as lovely as the first one. Well done Zoe!!

Check them out at links below.

Girl Online
Girl Online: On Tour

Pink Cobwebs Online, Going Offline xx

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