It’s time to talk pants…

Because in our household we have girlies, we tend to have our nice pants and our old period pants….we decided to give Diary Doll a go….

They are lightweight and of excellent quality.  The design is simple and for this reason our teenager loves them and so do I…. Myself being of the age creeping towards no longer needing period pants….I shall celebrate the day…  

But wait!! I shall still need my Diary Dolls for those impulsive trampolining sessions, for this read sneezing sessions and maybe the occasional over the top giggling sessions usually instigated by my sister….

You see, the Diary Doll pants have a very thin waterproof section, you just can’t see it.. Clever…. Completely machine washable and even though shouldn’t tumble dry, mine snuck in by mistake and were perfectly fine.

The only extra I would really love, and indeed would pay extra for, is to have mine with a name tag.  Weird as it seems, if there are a family of you wearing the same design pants it helps in the laundry process working out who owns which pants….

Buying directly from Diary we got ours in a lovely little vintage shabby chic style cotton bag.

Diary Doll gets a big thumbs up from our household….about to place our next order 😀😍

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