The Pocket Wife and Christopher’s new reading hobby…

Today started early with reading in bed.  

Then….I make this short because my last attempt at publishing this disappeared….then, we ventured out for fresh air and wanderings.

At this point it becomes clear that Christopher is indeed, still somewhere within the pages of his book.  Whilst sitting and sipping cappuccino and eating pizza he points out a plump lady in a crazy patterned black and white dress and tells me she is FBI.  We pet the visiting cat and watch a couple of cute dogs play fighting in the street before the next FBI agent passed carrying his machine gun disguised as a stripey umbrella.

We got sleepy after pizza and it started to rain so back to chilling and finishing books.

The Pocket WifeBy 
Susan Crawford is a great read.  I was supposed to save the end for a plane journey on Monday, but I just couldn’t wait to finish it.  

I needed to know more about Dana’s mental illness and what was real and what was not.  Had she really killed her neighbour and had her husband really been having an affair.

The conclusion was great, no silly grey ending leaving you feeling unsure.  That’s just how I like it.

Book now finished and left Christopher finishing his….

Just a few days and the next three books will land on my doormat, and my Monday flight will find me sleeping..   

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