Beautiful plates and finally blinds

It has been a few years since the windows have been done but this weekend….finally, we got blinds.  We just couldn’t decide what we wanted, curtains, blinds, shutters….  Finally, after much searching, Christopher found these…they are a double roller blind which look like venetian blinds a really clever idea.  I will get closer pictures and give you a link later on because most of you just wanted to know where the plates came from.  I had these for Christmas last year and have managed so far not to break any….they are pretty groovy.  They are from a range called Rose & Tulipani….I hope to get some more.  Mine came from the Blairgowrie Cookshop so if you want some go take a look…it’s a great little website and they still have these.  Click on the Text link rather than the picture below to get there….


This weekend has seen a great courgette cake recipe.


You will need:-

220g of plain flour

2teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon of bicarb of soda

a sprinkling of salt

220g of caster sugar

30g chopped pecan nuts

30g raisins

2 ripe bananas mashed

3 large eggs, beaten

220g grated courgettes (unpeeled)

5 fluid ounces coconut oil melted

Preheat the oven to gas mark 4 (350 F/175 C)

Mix the flour, baking powder, bicarb and salt in a large bowl.  Add the sugar, nuts and raisins.  Mix well.  Add the mashed bananas and beaten eggs and mix again.  Then, add the grated courgettes and the melted coconut oil.  Give it a good old mixing.

Butter (or line with greaseproof paper) a 9in cake tin (or a large loaf tin). Put mixture into tin and bake for 1 hour at gas mark 4 (350 F/175 C) until skewer comes out clean from centre of cake.

I suggest you must try it warm out of the oven….as the cook it is the law.  Then leave it to cool….you can make a cream cheese topping but this one is delicious without it…and really moist.  Have tried not to  eat too much of it because of the sugar content…it is pretty hard to resist though.

The inspiration for this one came from Allotment Garden Recipes

I have also finally sorted out all the bead boxes….not enough time today to create any more bits but found some already made a while ago…so there are a couple more bits in the Pink Cobweb Folksy Shop including these pretty earrings.


And on that note…it’s time to escape to the kitchen again to feed everyone….lamb chops for two of us and pizza for the other….

A goodnight from Timmy Twoshoes who is now spending more time with us in the living room area…


Mollie Topshop is hidden away somewhere because she stayed out all night in the storm and is exhausted.  Happy Sunday night all….

Geri x

Mothers Ruined By Aimee Horton


When Dottie and Henry Harris move to their new house, Dottie’s only desire is to make friends in the neighbourhood.  But Dottie, just home from delivering her third child, is struggling to adjust to village life.  Recently promoted Henry travels a lot, and the neighbours aren’t very welcoming (although that could be because when Dottie first met them, she had dyed her children green).

So when Dottie accidentally hears her neighbours’ conversations over her baby monitor, she can’t help but use the information in her quest to build new friendships.

Of course, eavesdropping never ends well, and when Dottie discovers that two of her neighbours are having an affair, she’s horrified.  Worse still, the locals are convinced she’s the one who’s doing the cheating.  It’s up to Dottie to clear her name and expose the real cheat – in her signature haphazard way!

This is totally my kind of book.  I had my only child back in 2002, before social media existed in my life, I didn’t even possess a computer, huge as they were back then.  If this book had existed and social media had existed it would have made my experience far more relaxed.  I honestly thought that everyone else had an easy time and I was totally rubbish at it.  But, my goodness I saw myself in so many Dottie situations I would think that maybe Aimee had been listening in on my Baby Monitor.   At one point I was considering creating a toddler coat with a built in handle on the back so that when the next full on screaming tantrum arrived it was easier to carry her home by the back of the coat.  “Mum you are scraping my knees on the ground!!”  “Well, walk then!!”

We have teenage years to deal with now, a whole different set of circumstances, that’s all I am willing to say, she reads this!  But I kept her alive and here she is!


This, apparently, is a selfie.

Back to Aimee and Mothers Ruined.  Written brilliantly, yes, Aimee, you have a great writing talent and you should listen to those who tell you that you do, they speak the truth!

It’s funny,  it reminds you of at least one parenting moment you have had, and it has an excellent story line woven into it that keeps you coming back for more.   My laugh out loud moments….(I just can’t bring myself to write LOL) were, the bathroom….which reminds me exactly why I don’t drink anymore….yep, it’s the memory blocks and the hangovers) and the family meal at Dottie’s parents house…classic comedy.

There are three books I have now read in the Dottie series, all hugely worth a read and my lovelies, dare I say, would make an excellent Christmas gift for your best friend who has just had a baby!  Links below to where I bought them….

Mothers Ruined: A Novel

Survival of the Ginnest
Survival of the Christmas Spirit

Thank you Aimee Horton, a fabulous read!!

Now I must get the bead boxes out and create some more jewellery!!  I only have one thing in there and millions of bits to put in there….


Pink Cobwebs Folksy Shop

I will return later because I made cake and I need to share the recipe with you… Banana, Courgette, Pecan and Raisin Loaf!!

Geri x

Porridge and Pussy Cats

Another busy week in the cold warehouse sending out wetsuits…..yes, people are still buying them and yes, we still have lots left over at Mad Monkey…that’s the day job.  The link doesn’t work so you can find me at

For now I am home early, have lit the fire and sitting next to it with Mollie Topshop…one of the cats….listening to the rain hitting the window.  It’s a huge window which has finally been treated….the new blinds came today…excited is an understatement.  I shall be nagging, as indeed I should, for them to be fitted this weekend.  They are orange and funky stripes, hopefully will fit.

I have cut back on eating,  even though eating healthily I had been eating far too much and the scales were showing this.  (As I sit here munching on some pecans!)  Because it is comforting and because I am not my best in the mornings.. it is porridge every day.  Usually with raisins and chia seeds.


During the day snacking on tomatoes and eating leftovers like potatoes and salmon.

Keeping it basic because I have been so busy.


Finally after procrastinating for about 6 months, have suddenly realised that the family will be here for Christmas.  Our bedroom is currently being refurbished so we are in one of the guest rooms.  The other guest room is full of “stuff” along with one of the sheds.  “Stuff” means the things I have put there a while ago, so long ago I can’t remember what is in there.  So, I started sorting and throwing it all on to Ebay, more than happy to sell every bit of it for 99p if it must, just to get the space back.

There are dresses, there are bags, there will be books and there will be jewellery and toys and games and all sorts of weird and wonderful things.  Some of it brand new….like the bags at the moment.

Come take a look at the Pink Cobwebs shop and help me clear my house for the festive season, or I will have to put my Dad in a sleeping bag amongst the chaos that is spare room number two.

I also pulled out all of the boxes of beads and bits and bobs that I have been collecting and brought back to life my old Folksy shop.

At the moment just the Butterfly Bracelet in there but over the weekend I will be bringing you some more.  I toyed with the idea of just throwing it all away, but what a waste that would be….

Come and visit me at the Pink Cobwebs Folksy shop and help me clear my boxes of beads.

I have been making curry again,  used up the last of my Hari Ghotra Curry Kits and accomplished a Goan Chicken Curry.  Kind of flung in a few too many chillies so Christopher was on his own with this one.  He is a hardened Curry Eater and even his nose ran with this one.  But a huge thumbs up as he likes it the spicier the better.

You can purchase your Curry Kit directly from the Hari Ghotra website.  It’s so incredibly easy and enjoyable to make.

I played some chilling yoga music whilst creating and even Timmy Twoshoes became chilled enough to do a little cat yoga!


And now it’s time to take myself off to the kitchen which is in the same room as the chilling out area and the woodburner and do some cooking.  I shall leave you to a throwback Christmas photo from about 4 years ago, myself and Georgia…I am not entirely sure what was going on…feel free to suggest captions.


Hmmmm….might have had a glass of sherry….

Onwards and upwards, happy Friday evening everyone.

Geri x

Time for a Change….

I have the magazines, I know what I should be eating and it’s time to lose 2 stones.  The time is right.  I shall bore the pants off of the Instagram society by showing pictures of everything I am eating.  It is the only way.  Let the eating commence!

In other news we had frost and my car Ethel turned into a work of art!

How beautiful is little Ethel, almost a shame she tends to like skating on icy roads and doing a little off roading!

We also finally got to see The MockingJay part 2.  At our favourite cinema, The Rebel near Bude.  I was instructed to watch the rest of them last week so I would know what was going on…which I did.  Chris had never seen any of them.. Can you see him containing his excitement here!

And tonight woodburner, salmon supper and cuddles with cats on the sofa, as you can see….Mollie loves this.   


 And now it’s bedtime and a bit of menu planning.. 

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Geri x

Family weekend and fudge…

What a fantastic weekend….firstly off to Weston-Super Mare to stay on Friday night with the lovely Jess and Sam.


And the gorgeous fluffy felines…

Lots of chinese food and lots of laughs so big thanks for letting us stay.

Then Saturday morning off to Swansea.


This time to visit Joel and Steph….my goodness what a weekend of gorgeous people…

Food shown here courtesy of The Mermaid Cafe Bar and Restaurant , Mumbles, Swansea.  Excellent food and service.


Later on off to Pizza Hut in Swansea where Christopher asked to do some colouring in…


And the board games….we were introduced to Catan….too strategic for me…and obviously too confusing for Christoper…


And Sunday….a stroll in Singleton Park where the squirrels are almost tame and there are Himalayan Strawberry Trees…


And then back to the Coast Cafe at Swansea Marina for coffee and fabulous Gluten Free Brownies


Finally back to good old Cornwall and a quick making of some peanut butter fudge.

If you want to try it yourself it’s really simple, I used:

225 grams of chunky peanut butter Whole Earth

2 tablespoons of date syrup Beloved

3 tablespoons of coconut oil melted

Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Organic Raw Fair Trade Coconut Oil 300ml (New Size)

A pinch of salt

Throw it all in a bowl and mix it together….put some cling film in an old ice cream container and put in the mixture, pushing it down and spreading it into a slab

Put it in the freezer for 30 minutes to set

Then take it out and chop it into pieces.



As inspired by Hedi Hearts

A quite brilliant website with lots of ideas I will be trying.  Go take a look.

There we go, great weekend, great people.

Happy Days!

Geri x

Pink Shoes and Dark Evenings



I don’t wear high heels.  Back in the day I could totter around with the best of them in skyscraper eighties stilettos and short skirts, but now, oh no, it’s Ugg Boots in the winter and flip flops in the summer.

However, getting these almost new for about £4 was an offer I could not resist!  Amazingly comfy and how tall do I look in them?? OK, about five feet and six inches at a push but strutting around the kitchen in them wearing my velour comfort trousers….well worth the pennies!

The furniture in our big open plan kitchen, living area has now been rearranged….the table in front of the window and the sofas around the fire…the cats love this!


Woodburner is the focal point and comfort is the priority….not tidiness…that’s what I keep telling myself.  When you get up, Mollie Topshop moves in to your warm sofa position in stealth mode…


This week I have also discovered the sari…..beautiful Indian clothing…I have always admired it but never thought about purchasing any….I bought some used items and completely fell in love with them…the colours are stunning and the patterns and material beautiful…

I shall show you more as I add to my collection….can you see Georgia in there??

In a moment of genius I found my Yankee Candles advent calendar from Auntie Soozi…put in a safe place which had become super safe because I couldn’t remember where the safe place was….my candles will start on 1st December….I haven’t had an advent calendar like this before so super excited….thanks Soozi!!


In the kitchen I have struggled a little to be healthy and have given in to the dreaded sugar more than I should….next week I vow to be much more organised…I blame the hormones…they have to be held accountable for something…

Did manage to cook some chicken tonight on rice with onions, avocado and dates cooked in honey and cinnamon…not too bad….lacked a little spice…must be time for a curry again!!


Finally, I have had my eyes opened to

I feel a Christmas shopping spree coming on!!

Now it’s time to throw another log on the fire…I was supposed to be sorting out beads and storing them away until next year…alas, this has not yet happened….we are off tomorrow visiting family and generally having a good time….there is always next week….

Geri x

A Little Bit of Madness


I have just finished my first Sheryl Browne book.  I absolutely love this story!  Every single character is absolutely adorable….nearly….sorry Martin.

Celia’s fight to save her elderly residents in the style of Bridget Jones….with Alex thrown into the mix to complicate matters after her proposal from Martin….A terrifying abseiling session…family secrets….a car accident….a cat that comes back from the dead…a colonel…a policeman….and my favourite, May and the tales about her husband.

I would love to see this in film version!  An absolute gem of a story that had me smiling at almost every turn of the page….it’s almost a shame that it’s now over…thankyou Sheryl I will be back for more…..

Today Georgia’s advent calendar came from Auntie Soozi…


Fantastic, she has the Body Shop and what a classy job they have done of it this year.

Alas we are having a poor internet connection tonight….so bed calls….

Geri x