Liz Earle – my favourite smells!

Praise The Lord for Liz Earle!

I love Cleanse and Polish!  I will now not be without it!  Morning and evening I look forward to giving my face and neck a treat and then using the muslin cloth to remove all traces of dirt.  Currently working through the special editions,  Sweet Orange and Mint will be next.

Next I use the Instant Boost Skin Toner, now this is the stuff that smells divine,  the Geranium essential oils are beautiful, tip it on some cotton wool and have a good old sniff of it before applying and soothing.  Cucumber extract, aloe Vera, glycerin, hops extract, vitamin E, calendula, chamomile oil – all high quality and safe for you.

Then my newest edition, the new Superskin Face Serum, I am more than happy to age gracefully and a little disgracefully.  This leaves my face feeling beautiful, smells great and is so smoothing.  Since starting to use this I have had continuing improvement to the psoriasis patches I have always had on my face, I am going to be always using it!  A little also goes a long way and again it smells gorgeous.

I have just run out of moisturiser and currently using Lucy Bee Coconut oil to moisturise, have kind of fallen in love with this so sticking with it for now.

I also have Liz Earle eye pencil and Liz Earle nail varnish, both very high quality items.

The day is not complete without a dash of perfume.

I am using Botanical Essence number 100, I have had a sample of number 20 (because you get free samples when you order through the website) and number 20 will be on my Christmas wish list, a girl can hope!

So, if I could remember to drink more water I would be doing all I can to remain irresistible, oh yes, 50?? Bring it on!! 

Below you will find links for the Liz Earle website and where to find some Lucy Bee coconut oil.  Please do note that I am not paid to tell you how fabulous these products are, I bought them and I love them 😍

Liz Earle
You can now purchase Liz Earle in many Boots stores
Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Raw Organic Coconut Oil 500mlI have been purchasing mine from Amazon.


Geri x

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