Memories of Madeira

We have spent a beautiful week staying at an organic farm on the gorgeous island of Madeira, I have about a million pictures and little stories to tell which I will spread out over the next few weeks.

For now, as we have been travelling home all day we are off to bed, me with my new book delivery!

Thank you to Easy Jet for two good flights, luckily not cancelled by the weather.  We would suggest letting passengers know up front that it’s possible the sandwiches will run out in row eight when we were in row nine.  Fully understand the reasoning but I was starvin’ like Marvin and the Pringles and Kit Kat didn’t quite hit the spot.

In defense of Leanne the stewardess who got the wrath of sandwich less row ten….she was fully professional, apologised several times, gave the managers name and said yes they could write and complain.  At no time, as was suggested in the stylie of an American prosecutor did she agree that there was a problem with her management.

In the grand scheme of things being without a sandwich is small stuff and we had Cornish Pasties waiting for us on our return so worth waiting for 😍

Bed and book now!

Geri x

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