Back to Work On a Rainy Grey Day

It rained and was grey and it was DARK by 5.30pm…..yes, first day back after our escape to Madeira.  We stayed on an organic farm at Faja Dos Padres which can only be reached by boat or by the panoramic lift which takes you 250 metres down the sheer cliff face.


The loveliest thing about it – the lift shutting at 6pm so we were back and in our little house by then, reading and eating and snuggling and planning.  Exactly how a chilling holiday should be.

The farm was scattered with mango trees, bananas, avocados and all sorts of plants we hadn’t seen before.  An exotic little paradise.  The lift here is twenty years old and work is undergoing to install a brand new cable car system,  amazingly this did not detract from the whole experience for us.  And yes, I will be bringing you a picture a day to keep my holiday memories alive.

Take a look at Faja Dos Padres here.

If you want to visit a little closer to home and pay us Cornish folk a visit there is a new holiday let on the market to visit for a weekend, or even longer, there’s plenty to do.   Katrina and Arthur Britton are now bringing you the opportunity to stay just 2 minutes stroll from Pentewan Beach in a village setting.Luxurious accommodation and  fabulous hosts in a stunning location.


1bed Ooooh I have that quilt cover!!

Find Arthur and Katrina here!!! Pay them a visit!!

So that’s it, first day back at work done…..felt like it went on for a million years!  Now off for a read….currently on Mr Maybe by Jane Green.  Bit of food planning for the rest of the week too, my cupboards are bare……

Geri x

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