Happy Wednesday…it is Wednesday isn’t it??

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And so Wednesday finds me still dreaming about last weeks holiday at Faja Dos Padres in Madeira.  The resident cat made itself at home on day one, very friendly and very cute.  And how about that for an avocado, the trees were full of them.   Did you know another name for the avocado is an Alligator Pear….no need to explain…..

It has been another day of hard work,  sending parcels and moving boxes and now again it is dark and just a tad chilly.  Time to bring in some wood and light the burner.

Finally found a recipe for a healthy pizza so planning to give it a go.


You will find the recipe thanks to Kay Cammack on Facebook – thanks Kay…..will report back when I have given it a go…..tonight we are on easy minced beef with pasta, tomatoes and mushrooms and topped with Philledelphia Light and Eggs.  As we are at mid week and tired we are having a tiny little treat of a tiny bit of chocolate with our evening coffee…..and yay it’s Apprentice night!

My favourite picture today….

1baby Makes you smile doesn’t it…..

And my favourite website of the day Is Hari Ghotra – if you want to cook Indian food she is the best, my next order of curry kits winging their way to me as we speak….

Happy Days

Geri x

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