Faja Dos Padres in Madeira….all of the photos!!

I might have mentioned….last week we went to Madeira for a few days of relaxation and chilling and that is just what we got….Day one straight from the airport into Funchal for lunch….

1holiday 1holiday1

Well impressed with our fish dishes before making our way to our house at Faja Dos Padres and how happy were we with this….our outside space….

1holiday2This is our Casa Da Vinha view….stunning.

Waves crashing on the beach below….just what we wanted.

Christopher was straight out there down to his undies….1holiday1

Right into the evening as the sun went down.....

Right into the evening as the sun went down…..

Next day….Camara De Lobos… a little fishing village and see the highest point up there, somebody has madly put a glass platform jutting out from the side of the cliff, yay let’s go and seeeeeee…..  1holiday1 madness…

1holiday11 1holiday111

At Cabo Girao….six hundred metres up….

1holiday1 I believe these were the flower petals from the banana tree…

Avocado trees laden with fruit…yum!  1holiday2

1holiday1Christophers’ chat up lines letting him down again.

We bought fruit and eggs from the farm..1holiday11

1holiday1 1holiday11

We had cake at the Ritz in Funchal.

1holiday111 1holiday1111

And then back to the restaurant at Faja Dos Padres.


Pallet chairs…a project for Christopher… 1holiday11

1holiday1 Christopher barbecued the best tuna steak I ever had!

Cakes at New Era in Calheta 1holiday11oh the waist line!

1holiday111               1holiday1111

turned up to swim at Porto Moniz….. but it was shut!!!

But yay!! this one was open…..

1holiday1 1holiday11

1holiday10 1holiday101

We got soaking wet walking to find a levada…oh how Christopher moaned, it was like hiking with Victor Meldrew….

1holday 1holday1

Got caught out sneaking a piece of chocolate… 1holday11

1holiday1 1holiday

Oh the joys of the sunshine and of the sea and of some peace…..

1holidayaa 1holidaya

And then the mysterious hat…….this means he is in a relationship, it seems…


And this means he is single…..there’s no need to look so excited about it……


And so it then came to pass that it was time to come home…..Madeira 2015 a paradise to remember for a very long time…..indeed, forever…..

1holiday 1house

Happy holiday and happy days…..that’s all the photos in one big go….

Geri x

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