The virtual world and more….

There appear to be some amazing photo shop apps about these days, we all know that friend with stunning online photos who looks a little different to that when you meet them.  Nothing wrong with it, if that’s what you want to do, go for it…. I use Instagram filters because the colour never looks quite as vibrant as it was to my human eye….I don’t have the best camera or phone.

We all need to be aware that this happens though….don’t let it affect your own life…the needing to have and be what you think others have…they normally don’t.  That just got out of bed shot….more than likely took hours of rearranging and multiple clicks to get the best angle…and then changed again by that mysterious app which I am sure is there that I haven’t found yet.

We are all guilty of going through photos and deleting the awful ones….why? Not really sure, that is the person other people see and we all see our faults more than anyone else does…


Here I am, messy hair, rosy hormonal cheeks, fat thighs, bruise on one of them, grabbing my bag like some thief is about to grab it, but there you go, that’s real life folks….would be interesting if one of you could save it, airbrush it and see what you can turn me into….Now there’s a challenge!  But it doesn’t change the “me” that gets out of bed in the mornings and looks in the mirror and thinks “what can I do with that today??”

As you get older, you begin to accept yourself and enjoy the simple pleasures, time spent with loved ones, wearing your dressing gown on a Sunday morning whilst reading in bed….chocolate and coffee and Gogglebox on a Friday night….even though, sorry Gogglebox, I have a date with Bond later…. but even I am not getting the eyeliner out for Daniel Craig…nope comfy clothes and shiny face are coming to the cinema with me….


I hereby promise to not photo shop or pose (not for hours anyway, who has time for that??) if you think I might have for goodness sake remind me!!  You are all beautiful people….just be beautiful in your own kind of way.

Have a great Friday!!

Geri x

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