007 James Bond and proper dark evenings

1jbLicensed to use the iphone…..

So we got to Friday evening and finally got to go to the Rebel Cinema near Bude, our very favourite place to watch films.  It’s little and cosy and has the friendliest staff and the best popcorn (so I am told, because I don’t like popcorn).  Comfy seats which I have been known to snore in behind my 3D glasses.   We dragged poor Georgia along who had been poorly all day because I had already pre-booked the seats.

We love James Bond and even though it seems Daniel Craig isn’t everyones cup of tea, we like him….in fact he is my favourite Bond to date….please don’t finish just yet Daniel!!  Spectre, however, for me not as good as Skyfall….but it was still great and full of action and saucy stuff…..Sorry Sheena, I know you aren’t so keen….

Today was busy, collecting our caravan from Devon to put away for the winter, where did that summer season go so quickly!?  So, even though our sitting area is full of caravan bits and bobs to be put away, we have lit the fire and prepared for some reading and TV….Gogglebox catch up!!

1liz 1fire

Liz Earle Wellbeing, I love this magazine!

And in the oven bubbling some Cottage Pie and a Banana Cake…..savoury recipe courtesy of The Cornish Food Box Company.


I am totally in love with this idea and get strangely excited when I open up my food box.  Every item is of the best quality and only second best to growing it ourselves which we just don’t have the time to do just yet…. house renovations and completions first!  Go take a look here….. The Cornish Food Box Company

If it comes out of the oven just right I might show you it tomorrow….I am not the best cook….even though a few pictures of failed meals might lift your spirits amongst all the perfection that seems to be shown to us constantly….

And finally thanks to Mary Norman, via Facebook who had a go at a computer enhanced improvement to my photo as in the Virtual World story….are you ready for it? Here you go….


Mary it is pure genius!!! You are hired!!!

Happy Saturday night all…..

Geri x

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