Mr Maybe and fish from the Silvery Sea…..


Mr Maybe by Jane Green

Libby has her life mapped out…her lifestyle…her successful husband.  Then she meets Nick who almost changes her plans, no money, no job, no prospects… Does she go with her heart or does she go with her original plans and accept the devotion and love of Ed who fits her ideal man CV exactly?

I love this story, if you are not currently dating it will remind you of the times when you were.  Bringing back all the emotions involved with it.  Oh and if you read it only for the bathroom scene with Nick you are in for a treat….I am leaving this page marked on the bedside table on the other side of my bed as just a tiny tiny hint along with a shower cap and some candles….. Jane Green another gem of a story.

And now from Jane Green to John Green and Paper Towns….starting it tonight.

As reported yesterday, the cottage pie was a great success.


Recipe and produce from The Cornish Food Box Company….I never peel my potatoes though because we love the goodness of the skins and they tasted great.  Topped with Davidstow Cheddar, yum!!

Tonight all produce from our tea also from the Cornish Food Box Company….haddock, runner beans and roasted potatoes and leeks.  All cooked in Lucy Bee Coconut Oil.  Totally delicious, slightly ahead in the taste test was the roasted leeks, tastier than we even expected.


1net 1ss

Again fabulous produce from The Cornish Food Box Company, very, very impressed.

Today has been a day FULL of laundry….finally almost caught up and blisters from ironing,  I am very rubbish at ironing….but it’s great thinking time.

Christopher has started on the house DIY renovation chores, even though Mollie Topshop did attempt to pin him down during a tea break.


And so, the weekend is almost over and another fantastic one it has been….


Happy Sunday everyone.

Geri x

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