Eating clean wins the day……

So, after having almost cut out refined sugars from my diet I must confess to about a week of eating the odd bar of white chocolate and a few pieces of that Lemon Drizzle Cake I managed to make.  Today it caught up with me and I woke up with a headache.  Then I remembered I used to get headaches and that I hadn’t had one for quite some time… the last few days, it might be my imagination I know, but my eyesight (which is not the best anyway) seems to have worsened.

Having been a tad overwhelmed with the amount of clean eating cookbooks…excellent as they all are…I have decided to stick with Deliciously Ella , Lucy Bee Coconut Oil and The Virtuous Tart..  All tried and tested and extremely happy with all the recipes.  Over the next few weeks will share with you the ones I have tried and enjoyed the most.  Hopefully no more headaches!

This weekend will be trying Livia’ Kitchen Chocolate Almond Butter and Coconut Cookies just take a look they should be divine.

I have of course decided to stick with Hari Ghotra’s curry kits which has turned me into the best curry cook in the house!  Last night Chicken Tikka Masala which was absolutely beautiful.


Stunning, mouth watering spices….warmed everyone up, jumpers were thrown to one side and no more logs needed on the woodburner,  what a money saver!

And if any of my family have dropped by for a read, yes I would like the Spice Tin in my Christmas stocking.


Isn’t it fabulous!!

About to take my sugar headache off to bed to read and chill.  Tomorrow is another day and my resolve to eat clean will return.


And it’s Friday tomorrow!!!

Geri x

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