Healthy Caramel chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies – Nut-free


Tonight I have tried the Healthy Caramel Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies from Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen.

Click on the link above for Nadia’s full recipe.  I struggled a little because my food processor is still in the shed and I am using a mini one about the size of a cup.  I managed to cram the dates and chickpeas in there to cut them down but my blondies have turned out chunkier than they would usually.    I had never heard of “blondies” apparently a brownie without the chocolate but they looked so good and I had vowed after my delightful Lemon Drizzle Cake made me suffer (it was good though!) that healthy is the way to go and we do all have a little sweet tooth here.

Then I mixed in my Lucy Bee Coconut Oil.  I whizzed up some porridge oats to use instead of oat flour, not sure if this is the same thing?  And I forgot to put in baking powder and salt….I get a bit distracted.  Because we all like it sweet here I did add in a dollop of honey when I put in the chocolate chips.

Because we are in Cornwall we almost always have Clotted Cream in the fridge, something we might have to give up if we want to get healthier, but a little of what you fancy does you good now and again.

Georgia liked it!! She almost never likes the healthy versions I force upon her but she wanted some more.

Christopher had three pieces and licked the plate afterwards.  I had two pieces and rejoiced in the opportunity to use my little vintage tea plates.  Nobody, apart from myself, knew that they were eating chickpeas.


Most recommended and will be making these again….when that food processor finds its way out of my shed they will be so easy to put together.  Next time will try Nadia’s caramel sauce instead of cream.

You will find Nadia here.  Please do pay her website a visit….I am now a big fan and will be trying out some of her other recipes very soon.  Oh, and her pictures are very much better than mine!

Now it’s the weekend and many more recipes to try……for now it’s Gogglebox!!

Geri x

(p.s Christopher wanted to add that Christopher loves Geraldine….aaaaah the way to the heart is through the stomach it seems….)

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