Love not Hate and Life as we experience it here at home.


This weekend, more than most, it has been pretty hard to remember that there are kind, loving, peaceful people in this world.  I try to find these people selfishly just to make myself feel better….and then I try to do normal everyday things because if something awful happened to me that’s just what I would like everyone else to do.  The evil, hateful people who fill our daily newspapers and TV headlines can only be, in my eyes, totally insane, brainwashed, whatever you would like to call it.  Again, selfishly and for my own self preservation, I rarely watch the news anymore….

So, this weekend I went shopping with Georgia and tried on Christmas tree hats.  Visited my parents.


Georgia always says that Grandad’s stew is better than mine….I agree….

Later on we had a fantastic Chicken Korma using Hari Ghotra’s Korma Curry Kit


And then found a lovely recipe using up an avocado I had….chocolate truffles!


Just using dark chocolate, avocado, vanilla powder and a spoon of Whole Earth 3 nut butter, mine didn’t look as pretty as that but they were totally delicious.


I added the nut butter because I wanted some crunchy nuts in there….and I rolled mine in icing sugar.  They went really really quickly, but such a messy job.  You will find the complete recipe on another great website full of food ideas.

So then, Sunday morning, the cats love it when we are at home….


Laundry for me, sanding and DIY for Christopher, homework for Georgia…..all in a weekends work…


Stay safe and love each other.

Geri x

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