Pink Shoes and Dark Evenings



I don’t wear high heels.  Back in the day I could totter around with the best of them in skyscraper eighties stilettos and short skirts, but now, oh no, it’s Ugg Boots in the winter and flip flops in the summer.

However, getting these almost new for about £4 was an offer I could not resist!  Amazingly comfy and how tall do I look in them?? OK, about five feet and six inches at a push but strutting around the kitchen in them wearing my velour comfort trousers….well worth the pennies!

The furniture in our big open plan kitchen, living area has now been rearranged….the table in front of the window and the sofas around the fire…the cats love this!


Woodburner is the focal point and comfort is the priority….not tidiness…that’s what I keep telling myself.  When you get up, Mollie Topshop moves in to your warm sofa position in stealth mode…


This week I have also discovered the sari…..beautiful Indian clothing…I have always admired it but never thought about purchasing any….I bought some used items and completely fell in love with them…the colours are stunning and the patterns and material beautiful…

I shall show you more as I add to my collection….can you see Georgia in there??

In a moment of genius I found my Yankee Candles advent calendar from Auntie Soozi…put in a safe place which had become super safe because I couldn’t remember where the safe place was….my candles will start on 1st December….I haven’t had an advent calendar like this before so super excited….thanks Soozi!!


In the kitchen I have struggled a little to be healthy and have given in to the dreaded sugar more than I should….next week I vow to be much more organised…I blame the hormones…they have to be held accountable for something…

Did manage to cook some chicken tonight on rice with onions, avocado and dates cooked in honey and cinnamon…not too bad….lacked a little spice…must be time for a curry again!!


Finally, I have had my eyes opened to

I feel a Christmas shopping spree coming on!!

Now it’s time to throw another log on the fire…I was supposed to be sorting out beads and storing them away until next year…alas, this has not yet happened….we are off tomorrow visiting family and generally having a good time….there is always next week….

Geri x

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