Time for a Change….

I have the magazines, I know what I should be eating and it’s time to lose 2 stones.  The time is right.  I shall bore the pants off of the Instagram society by showing pictures of everything I am eating.  It is the only way.  Let the eating commence!

In other news we had frost and my car Ethel turned into a work of art!

How beautiful is little Ethel, almost a shame she tends to like skating on icy roads and doing a little off roading!

We also finally got to see The MockingJay part 2.  At our favourite cinema, The Rebel near Bude.  I was instructed to watch the rest of them last week so I would know what was going on…which I did.  Chris had never seen any of them.. Can you see him containing his excitement here!

And tonight woodburner, salmon supper and cuddles with cats on the sofa, as you can see….Mollie loves this.   


 And now it’s bedtime and a bit of menu planning.. 

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Geri x

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