Love not Hate and Life as we experience it here at home.


This weekend, more than most, it has been pretty hard to remember that there are kind, loving, peaceful people in this world.  I try to find these people selfishly just to make myself feel better….and then I try to do normal everyday things because if something awful happened to me that’s just what I would like everyone else to do.  The evil, hateful people who fill our daily newspapers and TV headlines can only be, in my eyes, totally insane, brainwashed, whatever you would like to call it.  Again, selfishly and for my own self preservation, I rarely watch the news anymore….

So, this weekend I went shopping with Georgia and tried on Christmas tree hats.  Visited my parents.


Georgia always says that Grandad’s stew is better than mine….I agree….

Later on we had a fantastic Chicken Korma using Hari Ghotra’s Korma Curry Kit


And then found a lovely recipe using up an avocado I had….chocolate truffles!


Just using dark chocolate, avocado, vanilla powder and a spoon of Whole Earth 3 nut butter, mine didn’t look as pretty as that but they were totally delicious.


I added the nut butter because I wanted some crunchy nuts in there….and I rolled mine in icing sugar.  They went really really quickly, but such a messy job.  You will find the complete recipe on another great website full of food ideas.

So then, Sunday morning, the cats love it when we are at home….


Laundry for me, sanding and DIY for Christopher, homework for Georgia…..all in a weekends work…


Stay safe and love each other.

Geri x

Healthy Caramel chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies – Nut-free


Tonight I have tried the Healthy Caramel Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies from Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen.

Click on the link above for Nadia’s full recipe.  I struggled a little because my food processor is still in the shed and I am using a mini one about the size of a cup.  I managed to cram the dates and chickpeas in there to cut them down but my blondies have turned out chunkier than they would usually.    I had never heard of “blondies” apparently a brownie without the chocolate but they looked so good and I had vowed after my delightful Lemon Drizzle Cake made me suffer (it was good though!) that healthy is the way to go and we do all have a little sweet tooth here.

Then I mixed in my Lucy Bee Coconut Oil.  I whizzed up some porridge oats to use instead of oat flour, not sure if this is the same thing?  And I forgot to put in baking powder and salt….I get a bit distracted.  Because we all like it sweet here I did add in a dollop of honey when I put in the chocolate chips.

Because we are in Cornwall we almost always have Clotted Cream in the fridge, something we might have to give up if we want to get healthier, but a little of what you fancy does you good now and again.

Georgia liked it!! She almost never likes the healthy versions I force upon her but she wanted some more.

Christopher had three pieces and licked the plate afterwards.  I had two pieces and rejoiced in the opportunity to use my little vintage tea plates.  Nobody, apart from myself, knew that they were eating chickpeas.


Most recommended and will be making these again….when that food processor finds its way out of my shed they will be so easy to put together.  Next time will try Nadia’s caramel sauce instead of cream.

You will find Nadia here.  Please do pay her website a visit….I am now a big fan and will be trying out some of her other recipes very soon.  Oh, and her pictures are very much better than mine!

Now it’s the weekend and many more recipes to try……for now it’s Gogglebox!!

Geri x

(p.s Christopher wanted to add that Christopher loves Geraldine….aaaaah the way to the heart is through the stomach it seems….)

Eating clean wins the day……

So, after having almost cut out refined sugars from my diet I must confess to about a week of eating the odd bar of white chocolate and a few pieces of that Lemon Drizzle Cake I managed to make.  Today it caught up with me and I woke up with a headache.  Then I remembered I used to get headaches and that I hadn’t had one for quite some time… the last few days, it might be my imagination I know, but my eyesight (which is not the best anyway) seems to have worsened.

Having been a tad overwhelmed with the amount of clean eating cookbooks…excellent as they all are…I have decided to stick with Deliciously Ella , Lucy Bee Coconut Oil and The Virtuous Tart..  All tried and tested and extremely happy with all the recipes.  Over the next few weeks will share with you the ones I have tried and enjoyed the most.  Hopefully no more headaches!

This weekend will be trying Livia’ Kitchen Chocolate Almond Butter and Coconut Cookies just take a look they should be divine.

I have of course decided to stick with Hari Ghotra’s curry kits which has turned me into the best curry cook in the house!  Last night Chicken Tikka Masala which was absolutely beautiful.


Stunning, mouth watering spices….warmed everyone up, jumpers were thrown to one side and no more logs needed on the woodburner,  what a money saver!

And if any of my family have dropped by for a read, yes I would like the Spice Tin in my Christmas stocking.


Isn’t it fabulous!!

About to take my sugar headache off to bed to read and chill.  Tomorrow is another day and my resolve to eat clean will return.


And it’s Friday tomorrow!!!

Geri x

Chairs you will love……oh and a dress I like…


You all loved the chair picture from yesterday so much I thought I would find you some more.  Alas, I can’t find this one so would imagine it was a one off commissioned for a customer… if you find a good upholsterer they will no doubt make you something similar.

You can try JustinaDesign on Etsy


Based in Cheltenham, England you can order commissions directly from the shop.  Take a look I love all of her stuff.

Or give Amazon a try…..

If your budget doesn’t cover a new chair just splash out on some new cushion covers or duvet covers to add a splash of colour to the chair you already have.


Persnickety Home on Etsy

1vintage                   Furniture in Fashion

1noton                  Try Not On the High Street.

1namaste                                Throws from Namaste currently in the sale.

At this point I started looking at dresses….I must not buy more dresses, but I like this one:

1dress  I haven’t tried this company but will, in the name of clothing research for you…..

Happy Days (I will always say this when not sure what day it is…)

Geri x

White Chocolate and Lemon Drizzle Cake and its part in the diet.


I have resisted trying to make cake for a little while…trying really hard to do some clean eating….no refined sugar.

But today decided to make a lemon drizzle cake and give the guys at home a little treat.  I have never been able to make a successful cake but very pleased with the outcome of this one…and it’s so sweet that you only need a tiny bit to satisfy that sweet tooth.


To make you will need: –  170g unsalted butter (I have no idea if mine was unsalted, I forgot to take my glasses to the shop with me)

170g of caster sugar

3 eggs – large

170g of self raising flour

Zest and juice of one lemon

60g of icing sugar

200g of white chocolate.

Put the oven on at 180 degrees C (where is the little degrees circle thing on my keyboard?? Anyone??)

Cream together the butter and the sugar (Georgia did this….I still have a weak wrist after surgery in Feb – she has her uses)

Add the eggs, one at a time and mix in.

Fold in the flour, never sure what this means so I just mixed it in slowly, seemed to work.

Grate the outside of the lemon, I am guessing this is the zest and throw it in and then chop up 100g of chocolate and throw this in too, mix it all up.

Tip into a greased cake tin,  I can’t find my loaf tin so used my round tin instead…it’s all going to taste the same no matter what shape.

Put in the oven and then check after 30/35 minutes, stick a knife into it and if it comes out clean with no sticky mix then it is done.

Take the cake out of the tin – amazingly mine didn’t stick like it usually does and it went beautifully onto the plate.  Whilst it is cooling mix together the icing sugar and squeeze the life out of the lemon to get the juice, check your hands for minute cuts first, ouch!!

Make holes in the cake here and there, just little knife cuts and then pour the lemon drizzle on and spread over the top of the cake.  Wait for it to cool.  I couldn’t wait and started melting the white chocolate.  I did mine in the microwave and then splashed it around on the top of the cake in an abstract art kind of manner.

It is done!  I must confess that it was still warm when I had a slice and it was fantastic.  Great lemon flavour, soft in the middle and crunchy around the edges, big chunks of chocolate inside and the topping was still melty…you are supposed to wait until it has set…good luck with this!


Being good is great but now and again you should have a treat, as long as you don’t have a medical intolerance.  Everything in moderation.


Happy Monday!

Geri x

Mr Maybe and fish from the Silvery Sea…..


Mr Maybe by Jane Green

Libby has her life mapped out…her lifestyle…her successful husband.  Then she meets Nick who almost changes her plans, no money, no job, no prospects… Does she go with her heart or does she go with her original plans and accept the devotion and love of Ed who fits her ideal man CV exactly?

I love this story, if you are not currently dating it will remind you of the times when you were.  Bringing back all the emotions involved with it.  Oh and if you read it only for the bathroom scene with Nick you are in for a treat….I am leaving this page marked on the bedside table on the other side of my bed as just a tiny tiny hint along with a shower cap and some candles….. Jane Green another gem of a story.

And now from Jane Green to John Green and Paper Towns….starting it tonight.

As reported yesterday, the cottage pie was a great success.


Recipe and produce from The Cornish Food Box Company….I never peel my potatoes though because we love the goodness of the skins and they tasted great.  Topped with Davidstow Cheddar, yum!!

Tonight all produce from our tea also from the Cornish Food Box Company….haddock, runner beans and roasted potatoes and leeks.  All cooked in Lucy Bee Coconut Oil.  Totally delicious, slightly ahead in the taste test was the roasted leeks, tastier than we even expected.


1net 1ss

Again fabulous produce from The Cornish Food Box Company, very, very impressed.

Today has been a day FULL of laundry….finally almost caught up and blisters from ironing,  I am very rubbish at ironing….but it’s great thinking time.

Christopher has started on the house DIY renovation chores, even though Mollie Topshop did attempt to pin him down during a tea break.


And so, the weekend is almost over and another fantastic one it has been….


Happy Sunday everyone.

Geri x

007 James Bond and proper dark evenings

1jbLicensed to use the iphone…..

So we got to Friday evening and finally got to go to the Rebel Cinema near Bude, our very favourite place to watch films.  It’s little and cosy and has the friendliest staff and the best popcorn (so I am told, because I don’t like popcorn).  Comfy seats which I have been known to snore in behind my 3D glasses.   We dragged poor Georgia along who had been poorly all day because I had already pre-booked the seats.

We love James Bond and even though it seems Daniel Craig isn’t everyones cup of tea, we like him….in fact he is my favourite Bond to date….please don’t finish just yet Daniel!!  Spectre, however, for me not as good as Skyfall….but it was still great and full of action and saucy stuff…..Sorry Sheena, I know you aren’t so keen….

Today was busy, collecting our caravan from Devon to put away for the winter, where did that summer season go so quickly!?  So, even though our sitting area is full of caravan bits and bobs to be put away, we have lit the fire and prepared for some reading and TV….Gogglebox catch up!!

1liz 1fire

Liz Earle Wellbeing, I love this magazine!

And in the oven bubbling some Cottage Pie and a Banana Cake…..savoury recipe courtesy of The Cornish Food Box Company.


I am totally in love with this idea and get strangely excited when I open up my food box.  Every item is of the best quality and only second best to growing it ourselves which we just don’t have the time to do just yet…. house renovations and completions first!  Go take a look here….. The Cornish Food Box Company

If it comes out of the oven just right I might show you it tomorrow….I am not the best cook….even though a few pictures of failed meals might lift your spirits amongst all the perfection that seems to be shown to us constantly….

And finally thanks to Mary Norman, via Facebook who had a go at a computer enhanced improvement to my photo as in the Virtual World story….are you ready for it? Here you go….


Mary it is pure genius!!! You are hired!!!

Happy Saturday night all…..

Geri x