Faja Dos Padres in Madeira….all of the photos!!

I might have mentioned….last week we went to Madeira for a few days of relaxation and chilling and that is just what we got….Day one straight from the airport into Funchal for lunch….

1holiday 1holiday1

Well impressed with our fish dishes before making our way to our house at Faja Dos Padres and how happy were we with this….our outside space….

1holiday2This is our Casa Da Vinha view….stunning.

Waves crashing on the beach below….just what we wanted.

Christopher was straight out there down to his undies….1holiday1

Right into the evening as the sun went down.....

Right into the evening as the sun went down…..

Next day….Camara De Lobos… a little fishing village and see the highest point up there, somebody has madly put a glass platform jutting out from the side of the cliff, yay let’s go and seeeeeee…..  1holiday1 madness…

1holiday11 1holiday111

At Cabo Girao….six hundred metres up….

1holiday1 I believe these were the flower petals from the banana tree…

Avocado trees laden with fruit…yum!  1holiday2

1holiday1Christophers’ chat up lines letting him down again.

We bought fruit and eggs from the farm..1holiday11

1holiday1 1holiday11

We had cake at the Ritz in Funchal.

1holiday111 1holiday1111

And then back to the restaurant at Faja Dos Padres.


Pallet chairs…a project for Christopher… 1holiday11

1holiday1 Christopher barbecued the best tuna steak I ever had!

Cakes at New Era in Calheta 1holiday11oh the waist line!

1holiday111               1holiday1111

turned up to swim at Porto Moniz….. but it was shut!!!

But yay!! this one was open…..

1holiday1 1holiday11

1holiday10 1holiday101

We got soaking wet walking to find a levada…oh how Christopher moaned, it was like hiking with Victor Meldrew….

1holday 1holday1

Got caught out sneaking a piece of chocolate… 1holday11

1holiday1 1holiday

Oh the joys of the sunshine and of the sea and of some peace…..

1holidayaa 1holidaya

And then the mysterious hat…….this means he is in a relationship, it seems…


And this means he is single…..there’s no need to look so excited about it……


And so it then came to pass that it was time to come home…..Madeira 2015 a paradise to remember for a very long time…..indeed, forever…..

1holiday 1house

Happy holiday and happy days…..that’s all the photos in one big go….

Geri x

Happy Wednesday…it is Wednesday isn’t it??

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And so Wednesday finds me still dreaming about last weeks holiday at Faja Dos Padres in Madeira.  The resident cat made itself at home on day one, very friendly and very cute.  And how about that for an avocado, the trees were full of them.   Did you know another name for the avocado is an Alligator Pear….no need to explain…..

It has been another day of hard work,  sending parcels and moving boxes and now again it is dark and just a tad chilly.  Time to bring in some wood and light the burner.

Finally found a recipe for a healthy pizza so planning to give it a go.


You will find the recipe thanks to Kay Cammack on Facebook – thanks Kay…..will report back when I have given it a go…..tonight we are on easy minced beef with pasta, tomatoes and mushrooms and topped with Philledelphia Light and Eggs.  As we are at mid week and tired we are having a tiny little treat of a tiny bit of chocolate with our evening coffee…..and yay it’s Apprentice night!

My favourite picture today….

1baby Makes you smile doesn’t it…..

And my favourite website of the day Is Hari Ghotra – if you want to cook Indian food she is the best, my next order of curry kits winging their way to me as we speak….

Happy Days

Geri x

Back to Work On a Rainy Grey Day

It rained and was grey and it was DARK by 5.30pm…..yes, first day back after our escape to Madeira.  We stayed on an organic farm at Faja Dos Padres which can only be reached by boat or by the panoramic lift which takes you 250 metres down the sheer cliff face.


The loveliest thing about it – the lift shutting at 6pm so we were back and in our little house by then, reading and eating and snuggling and planning.  Exactly how a chilling holiday should be.

The farm was scattered with mango trees, bananas, avocados and all sorts of plants we hadn’t seen before.  An exotic little paradise.  The lift here is twenty years old and work is undergoing to install a brand new cable car system,  amazingly this did not detract from the whole experience for us.  And yes, I will be bringing you a picture a day to keep my holiday memories alive.

Take a look at Faja Dos Padres here.

If you want to visit a little closer to home and pay us Cornish folk a visit there is a new holiday let on the market to visit for a weekend, or even longer, there’s plenty to do.   Katrina and Arthur Britton are now bringing you the opportunity to stay just 2 minutes stroll from Pentewan Beach in a village setting.Luxurious accommodation and  fabulous hosts in a stunning location.


1bed Ooooh I have that quilt cover!!

Find Arthur and Katrina here!!! Pay them a visit!!

So that’s it, first day back at work done…..felt like it went on for a million years!  Now off for a read….currently on Mr Maybe by Jane Green.  Bit of food planning for the rest of the week too, my cupboards are bare……

Geri x

Memories of Madeira

We have spent a beautiful week staying at an organic farm on the gorgeous island of Madeira, I have about a million pictures and little stories to tell which I will spread out over the next few weeks.

For now, as we have been travelling home all day we are off to bed, me with my new book delivery!

Thank you to Easy Jet for two good flights, luckily not cancelled by the weather.  We would suggest letting passengers know up front that it’s possible the sandwiches will run out in row eight when we were in row nine.  Fully understand the reasoning but I was starvin’ like Marvin and the Pringles and Kit Kat didn’t quite hit the spot.

In defense of Leanne the stewardess who got the wrath of sandwich less row ten….she was fully professional, apologised several times, gave the managers name and said yes they could write and complain.  At no time, as was suggested in the stylie of an American prosecutor did she agree that there was a problem with her management.

In the grand scheme of things being without a sandwich is small stuff and we had Cornish Pasties waiting for us on our return so worth waiting for 😍

Bed and book now!

Geri x

Liz Earle – my favourite smells!

Praise The Lord for Liz Earle!

I love Cleanse and Polish!  I will now not be without it!  Morning and evening I look forward to giving my face and neck a treat and then using the muslin cloth to remove all traces of dirt.  Currently working through the special editions,  Sweet Orange and Mint will be next.

Next I use the Instant Boost Skin Toner, now this is the stuff that smells divine,  the Geranium essential oils are beautiful, tip it on some cotton wool and have a good old sniff of it before applying and soothing.  Cucumber extract, aloe Vera, glycerin, hops extract, vitamin E, calendula, chamomile oil – all high quality and safe for you.

Then my newest edition, the new Superskin Face Serum, I am more than happy to age gracefully and a little disgracefully.  This leaves my face feeling beautiful, smells great and is so smoothing.  Since starting to use this I have had continuing improvement to the psoriasis patches I have always had on my face, I am going to be always using it!  A little also goes a long way and again it smells gorgeous.

I have just run out of moisturiser and currently using Lucy Bee Coconut oil to moisturise, have kind of fallen in love with this so sticking with it for now.

I also have Liz Earle eye pencil and Liz Earle nail varnish, both very high quality items.

The day is not complete without a dash of perfume.

I am using Botanical Essence number 100, I have had a sample of number 20 (because you get free samples when you order through the website) and number 20 will be on my Christmas wish list, a girl can hope!

So, if I could remember to drink more water I would be doing all I can to remain irresistible, oh yes, 50?? Bring it on!! 

Below you will find links for the Liz Earle website and where to find some Lucy Bee coconut oil.  Please do note that I am not paid to tell you how fabulous these products are, I bought them and I love them 😍

Liz Earle
You can now purchase Liz Earle in many Boots stores
Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Raw Organic Coconut Oil 500mlI have been purchasing mine from Amazon.


Geri x