Advent Calendars and Flapjacks

Finally it is December and the Elf is out and about.


We opened our advent calendars this morning, bleary eyed and half asleep.  Georgia had something shimmering and cranberry from the Body Shop and I had a………candle from the Yankee Candle Company….flavour unsure….  But we love the excitement of it all!!

What surprises are waiting for you?


If you want something interactive and healthy head over to The Lucy Bee Advent Calendar – don’t cheat though, just click on one each day!!   Today it was Christmas Cake!!  I have never made one and this year won’t have the time….also, the fabulous Doylie who visits us at Christmas usually brings one made by his mum, and believe me she is exceptional, you won’t beat her Christmas cake!

Today the day job has been hugely busy with our biggest seller being the the mad monkey towelling change robe, which indeed pleases me massively as it is really easy to parcel and send.  More of these and less awkward snow shovels if you could.


I know, they look like a funky group of Halloween ghosties!!  Great Christmas present though.  When caravanning I wear mine all day floating around the campsite.

I have now boxed up all the clothing I have to part with to get room back for the family to stay at Christmas.  However, I found myself creating flapjacks instead of listing them.


I found this recipe on the Telegraph website here but is originally a recipe from Deliciously Ella one of my favourite recipe websites.  Go take a look, some really brilliant ideas for some healthier eating.

There has now been a price drop on the Flower Butterfly Necklace at the Pink Cobwebs Folksy Shop – it’s a one off upcycled piece and now just £7.50 plus postage.


And this evening we have Mollie Topshop for you…..just so that you can see that Timmy Twoshoes is not our only smiling sleeping cat.


Now to bed…. currently reading Jane Green’s The Patchwork Marriage…so far it is a definite page turner….will keep you posted.

Happy 1st of December….tomorrow is another Yankee Candle day!!

Geri x

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