Reflection on my 49th Birthday

The day started marvellously with a new food processor.  I have been so limited with my new Deliciously Ella recipe book because there is so much processing to be done and mine is packed away in the shed…from moving…just 5 years ago…  This one is truly fantastic and I am so excited…strangely…I used to prefer shoes and the odd handbag….


Christopher, it has to be said, always does his homework before purchasing these items and what a great choice…he has admitted it was a little confusing to find that even Kenwood do about 15 different types.  Over the weekend I shall be unpacking it from its box and getting Ella into my kitchen and creating…oh the anticipation.

I also got a Spiralizer, I had mentioned a few hundred times that I wanted one.


Apparently there is some concern that I might lose my fingers to this one… I shall keep you updated…

Then it was on to todays advent calendars….we have body butter and we have a frosty white candle….Make the Simple Things Beautiful


And its day three in December and I still haven’t bought any Christmas presents….the list will start tomorrow…

Today is not list day, today is odd socks day….


Then home from work early and a visit from Mumsie and Pops and a surprise visit from Auntie Soozi…..(my fabulous sister!)

More presents….

I think my need to have kitchen and household things has become clear…and to be fair, even though I am rubbish at it, I do quite like ironing…towels, tea towels and handkerchiefs.  The rest just gets hung up in the wardrobe… Even though there is no getting to the wardrobes at the moment as the bedroom is being decorated by the multi talented Christopher.

And my favourite smellies from Soozi!


Liz Earle has without doubt my favourite smells on the planet….Cleanse and Polish is miraculous and helps me look better than I did when I was a teenager!  It’s good to be happy in your own skin.  Maybe this comes with age….

And we have happy cats….Mollie Topshop even took her spectacles off for this shot….Timmy Twoshoes looking far more professional…


And now, my birthday is over for another year….next year 50! Bring it on!!  Times are good, I am surrounded by the most motivational and loving people and it will soon be Christmas….tree out at the weekend, fairy lights are still up since last year, just because they look nice in the kitchen and going to have a go at crocheting some snowflakes for the tree.

Time for a snuggle on the sofa!!! And flapjacks and coffee…

Night night all!!!

Geri x

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