The Patchwork Marriage and a December weekend to remember


So, this weekend I finished The Patchwork Marriage by Jane Green

When Andi marries Ethan, she gets a ready-made family in the shape of his daughters Emily and Sophia.  Unable to have a child of her own and crazily in love with Ethan, she has a chance to make the perfect family.  But teenager Emily’s hostility leaves Andi feeling hated in her own home.

And worse, Ethan, blinded by love for his daughter, cannot see that her behaviour is driving a wedge through their marriage.  so when Andi and Ethan’s world is rocked by an act of recklessness, Andi knows that their whole future is in doubt.

Can Andi and Ethan heal the rift in their relationship?  Can each of them find enough love to go round?  And how strong can a patchwork marriage ever be?

Jane Green really does know how to write about life.  The majority of us these days deal with, or know someone who deals with “blended” or step families.  Many of us know someone who deals with the inability to have a family of their own.  This book did not disappoint me, the emotions are real, the characters are real.  I found myself compulsively reading,  returning night after night (my normal reading time) to immerse myself in the unraveling lives of the main characters.

I love Jane’s style – being able to look at the situation through Emily’s eyes too – originally the villain of the tale.  It reminds us that life is rarely black and white, there are always at least two sides to every story.  Wouldn’t life be a better place if we could find it within ourselves to see situations through the eyes of almost everyone.  Yes, yet another Jane Green success for me!

You can find it here!

In other news The Body Shop advent calendar tells us to  Make it a December to Remember.


We went on a road trip to Weston-Super-Mare for a 60th Birthday Party.  I don’t go out partying these days and I borrowed Georgia’s make up and slung on some colour….however, Christopher said I looked pale and was I feeling alright…so, I decided I don’t need to wear make up anymore….a bit of powder to take away the peri-menopausal shine and flush and a smidge of eyeliner to add a little Eastern mystery….that is all that is needed….natural is my thing….decision made….

The party was great,  Christopher met old workmates he hadn’t seen in many years…..we stayed in a lovely little place overnight….Christopher got man-flu, but coped pretty damn well with it….

Home again this morning where he struggled through his man flu and made brunch….he is the master of poached eggs after all….


We even got blue cheese in a mushroom with it!!

Finally,  one box of pre loved clothing listed in the Pink Cobwebs Shop which I have been meaning to do for ages!!  My Dad might get a sleeping space in the spare room yet!!

A big thanks to Dawnie for my Body Shop coconut supplies for my birthday….I bet you can’t believe I finally like coconut Dawnie, especially after that Majorca holiday we shared where a few too many Malibus put me in hospital for the week,  along with the fact that it turned out Glandular Fever was in my system……all the photos afterwards showed you guys wearing my clothes whilst I was in hospital!  Bless you…..I had style once….


See you over Christmas Dawn!!!!!

Happy Sunday night all!

Geri x

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