Manic Monday and the Christmas Elf

In the words of the advent calendar …”Don’t be a wallflower today, enjoy the limelight!”


I hope you all got some limelight today and made full use of it…. Alas, I was in my busy warehouse all by myself packing like a manic elf!!

Our mad monkey best sellers today were the skate pads…great to see you sensible parents hard at work buying bits to go with the skateboards and scooters you have invested in for your little ones…


We are running out of these fast so if you need some here is your link:

The last few skate pads

In the Pink Cobwebs Shop the best sellers were the Games Compendiums, now only two left and plenty of pre-loved clothing bits and pieces if you are after a bargain….a couple of my favourites a purple Monsoon silk party dress and a Simply Be butterfly tunic.  The bidding has started on the dress but the tunic is currently still up for grabs for £10.00.

Finally home from work and time to throw together our version of fish and chips….


A reminder, those plates are from the Blairgowrie Cookshop, you can find the link here….

Then,  after much laundry, oh the excitement, unpacking the new food processor, the Kenwood Multi Pro Classic….there is every thing I am ever going to need in here….so, with all these attachments, the using has been put off until I have read the insructions and believe me, I confess, I rarely read instructions!!


As I get this little beauty working for me I shall update you with all results!!

By now it is 9pm and this Christmas elf is looking a little worse for wear and no longer able to even contemplate finding any limelight…


So, it is bedtime cup of tea time and a couple of chapters of the latest book….then try and sleep through Christophers man flu snoring (I confess it is usually me…..)

Happy Monday night all….

Geri x

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