My Funky Mirror and Her Forget-Me-Not Ex

Well, I started my Christmas shopping, yay!!  And as planned I used Wayfair….you could almost say unfortunately as I found myself abandoning the Christmas shopping and accessorizing the house instead.  Today my new mirror for the downstairs toilet arrived, how quick was that!!  Christopher was sent home with the box to start the task straight away and indeed, by the time I go home there it was!!! How cool is this!!

If you haven’t used Wayfair before go and SHOP

If you want to go straight to the mirror you can shop here it is just £31.99 in the sale at the moment.  What a bargain.  It looks perfect in my house and even got photobombed whilst trying to get a picture of it for you…he is daft!

On to books….last night I finished Her Forget-Me-Not Ex by Sophie Claire


Natasha has consigned her wealthy French ex-husband Luc to the past, so she’s horrified when he turns up at her village florist’s shop out of the blue, pleading for help. He never dared to tell his family about the divorce, and when he asks her to come to France and pretend they’re still married for a couple of weeks to please his dying father, she’s not sure she can say no. She certainly isn’t prepared for the warmth of his family’s welcome, or the attraction that’s still simmering between her and Luc.

But it’s just two weeks in a vineyard, no strings attached, right?

I do love a good romance and this one ticks all the boxes,  handsome Frenchman, flower shop, weddings, a girl with quirky dress sense and interesting nails (I love this) and a family that needs fixing.    There is chemistry between them that was meant to be and an underlying shared tragic event which they had never really shared properly.  The relationship is given the chance to grow again with poignant pillow talk, mostly from across the room.  I thoroughly enjoyed my moments of escapism and it will be joining the books on my bookshelf….thanks to Sophie Claire, a hit for me.

If you want to give it a go it is just 99p on Kindle at the moment.

Her Forget-Me-Not Ex

In Mad Monkey news, today Christopher has been starting our clearance sale,  don’t forget as soon as all our things have gone I will be able to have proper nails again….for this little thing I can hardly wait.   We have some excellent half price surf books…


Shooting the Curl

In the Pink Cobwebs shop there is now only one Classic Games Compendium left…..


Classic Games Compendium

I have another box of clothes and should be able to list some more shortly.  Should also be Christmas shopping but who knows, I might buy something else for the house……

On that note it’s already 7.40pm and I have a house full of chores waiting before bed….

Happy Tuesday!!

Geri x

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