Crafty thoughts of New Year…already??

I have already been considering New Years Resolutions…yes it normally happens and no, I don’t usually keep them for long.  But, I like to think of them as New Year plans as we have been making some changes.  For most of this year we have worked mostly seven day weeks and not had time for anything else…. Now, Christopher has a garage build planned and some crafty plans of his own….therefore, I am hoping for some space for me in this garage to create….


I have dabbled in some jewellery making and some crochet….

But I always find myself taking the easy option, looking at some project and not having a go because I don’t think I can do it.  I guess every expert starts out as a beginner and not very good at it…so my challenge will be having a go at it all…

I want to learn how to sew properly,  how to do felting, how to knit, get better at crochet,  a bit of decoupage, maybe some painting….

I have bought the first craft magazine and the beads are sorted to start again… I will indeed be showing the results, the good, the bad and the very ugly….no laughing, there will be lots of them.

Until I get very, very good at anything I will search for inspiration and share the projects and crafts of those who have succeeded and so far I have seen so many things to share…


For now….can’t hang around, Gogglebox is on and time stands still for that in this house….and there is banana cake and Cornish clotted cream….

Geri x

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