Learning to Love and Christmas Sparkles


An emotionally withdrawn, angry little boy is grieving the loss of his mother. Ten-year old Jake’s anger is aimed at his dad, who In Jake’s mind deserted his mum in her hour of need. Dr David Adams, Jake’s father, is carrying the heavy burden of guilt around the death of his wife. For all his training as a doctor, David had been as ill-equipped to deal with her decision to delay anti-leukemic treatment for their unborn baby’s sake, as he is to deal with his son’s grief. He feels Jake’s anger is justified. Now alone with his son, he has no idea how to reach him.

Andrea Kelly, David’s neighbour, mum of three and carer to her dotty mother, is forced by circumstances to take refuge at David’s house and becomes instrumental in bringing this lost little boy and his equally lost father together. Andrea, too, has relationship issues and, as her attraction to David grows, she wonders whether she should love a man who is, by his own admission, flawed.

Another fabulous story from Sheryl Browne, full of larger than life characters….I love Andrea’s mother and her “missing” teeth…

The story is quite beautiful and funny and in places tugs at those heart strings… we all have baggage of some shape or sort and the life and love decisions we make can be so difficult, especially when there are children involved.  Andrea and David need to make these decisions amongst the madness and mayhem of the families, each with their own internal dilemmas.

This story is also very funny and entertaining to the extreme and I would not hesitate in recommending it for a snuggle in front of the fire read over Christmas.  I also quite fancied the good doctor…always helps… Alas, it is now out of stock, as far as I can see, through Amazon in paperback but you can get it in Kindle version by clicking down there….

Learning to Love

I look forward to picking my next Sheryl Browne tale…Any recommendations would be welcomed.

Aside from having a lovely Sunday morning read to finish this book I have finally started making jewellery again….after my Carpal Tunnel surgery in February when using pliers was frustrating and impossible… I have completed a necklace and about to teach myself some decoupage so that I can create a box to keep it in…


It might make it into the Pink Cobwebs Folksy Shop at some point soon.

And the felines in the house are getting chummy!  They don’t get too close at the best of times but here they are with some Christmas spirit…well, Timmy Twoshoes has posed quite nicely, Mollie Topshop did not…1cats

To be honest I think they both wanted to be near the fire….I don’t think the day will arrive when they will have a cuddle…but you never know!!

At last I have wrapped some presents, about five left to purchase and plan food for Christmas day…as usual behind schedule for planning… Christopher is still decorating the bedroom so there will be room for everyone on the day and next week Georgia and I will be emptying the “junk” room so that we gain that room back…I am going to share this before we do it….it screams for a before and after picture.

I am going to peruse the Asda magazine for help to plan the Big Day food…am I panicking?? Just a little bit…

Happy Sunday night!!

Geri x

3 thoughts on “Learning to Love and Christmas Sparkles

  1. I love Timmy and Mollie! I love you too, Geri! Thank you so much for your gorgeous review, I am so sorry I only just saw it. After one of “those” years, I’ve gone from manic mode to demented, having just realised what date it is! Eeeek! Am I panicking? Nooooo. Ahem! In truth, it’s only thanks to lovely people like you I’ve managed to stay sane and keep writing! Um, well, I’m still writing anyhow. 😉 You’re a total star, Geri. So truly appreciated. xxx PS. I adore that necklace. It’s me really, don’t you think? Oooh, PPS. Did you realise the book is now contracted by Choc LIt? That’s thanks to lovely readers and reviewers! Sooooo pleased. 🙂


    • I absolutely love your stories Sheryl so keep on writing them!! Absolutely had one of those years here too with most of the summer months spent working 7 days a week…made some decisions and now have our weekends back so enjoying being able to read again. And will be beading some more after the Christmas panic is over, just realised the date here too and not quite finished yet…no change there 🙂 xx


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