Bed Shopping

So, the bedroom is done and the family have gone home…it is now time to shop for beds…we have the mattress we sleep really well on so just decided to go for the bed base…here will be some of my favourites all collected together so that Christopher can pick one we both like….

Starting with Wayfair….all prices will differ depending on the bed size.


This is a good basic bed by Riley Ave with under mattress storage.  Will look great in our room with a good substantial headboard, we like to sit in bed with a cuppa and chat so this is important.  But does it have the wow factor?  This one currently £299.99.


Here we have the Blanco Italian Bed Frame – most definitely looks different and I do like it….but we have wood wardrobes and bedside tables so not entirely sure it will match.  Currently £165.99.


The Grasmere Bed Frame – very much a possibility as we are intending on having white shutters at our windows…we only want a headboard and not a foot board, if that’s what you call it, as we like to sit on the end of the bed to use the mirror.  This looks simple and solid, but, you can put things under this bed and I don’t like the temptation to do this.  I always give in to this temptation….currently £115.99.


The Lalbert Bed Frame – it looks luxurious I surely do like the look of this….it looks comfortable, I like this too…how quickly will it show the dirt….not so sure…..currently £244.99.


The Epsilon Bed Frame – when it comes to wow, this one is it….totally love the look of this one, wondering if I would ever want to get out of it….but, is this a girls bed, will wait and get Christophers thoughts on this one…again, a light colour, am I being too practical, is life too short to worry about light colours…am I turning into my mother….(which, mother, will of course be a great moment in my life). Currently £275.99.


The Borrika Storage Bed Frame – this is another one which will go with white shutters and has storage so no just shoving things under the bed to collect dust like I have done in the past…this is a possible… currently £284.99.


The Rarotonga storage bed – now this one, is the closest to the style of our wardrobes and has storage under the mattress so a definite candidate…. currently £266.99.

There is a huge range at Wayfair, vintage style and iron style not shown here because it won’t fit with what we personally want….well worth a good look.

Outside of Wayfair I have found this, not anything that Christopher would want to sleep in and will not look right in our bedroom but ladies, how very fabulous, look at that colour!!


This one at Bed Shed for £499.

My bed search is over for this evening until I can go through them with Christopher…..may the bed search commence….

Will update when the choice is made…

Geri x

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