Our Family Christmas 2015

On Christmas Eve when the cake and the pickles arrive courtesy of Doylie’s mum we know that the festivities have begun…

Traditionally on Christmas Eve the boys go out and the girls are sensible and stay in….

Doylie, Christopher, Grandad, Granny, Soozi and Georgia.

Then on Christmas morning, Santa has been and brought us all hats!!!


Santa brings a few gifts water bottles and mugs.  Without doubt the HydrateM8 bottle was a big hit.  Four of the seven of us have kept up our correct water intake since Christmas Day and personally I shall do it every day….already….even though I have been eating the wrong things over the last few days, have felt more energy than normal down to being properly hydrated….hugely recommended!!

Go to the HydrateM8 website

Then, the Christmas Tree helps chop sweet potatoes for lunch!!


Then, because we have all spoiled each other it takes ALL afternoon to open our gifts….

Here are some of mine…


Everyone knows what I like, so the Vintage Craft Book was an excellent choice, especially as we are finally getting to the decor at home…only the hall and stairs to be done now…

Bits for the kitchen….

Colourful knives, a Laura Ashley Pie Dish, Cake Stand and heart dishes and some Yorkshire Tea…all great stuff!  Looking for a cupcake recipe now, but not until all the biscuits and chocolates are gone…

Even the cats got something to play with….not sure Mollie was amused, Timmy is far too wise and too quick to be ever caught out with this…

Christopher was not too wise or too quick, so pretend he is Timmy Twoshoes…

Timmy became invisible when she pretended to be an ornament…


I was totally spoiled by Christopher who, even though had told me he had bought me a unicorn, had in fact bought me a craft storage desk, oh wow…all my things are in there now and I am trying to get the opportunity to sit at it and use it….alas, the housework keeps getting in the way…


But the bead orders are in and new jewellery will be created here soon!

The family all departs on Boxing Day and Chris disappears upstairs to participate in  some i-racing.  And the girls all cuddle on the sofas, me with my fluffy Christmas socks, the two fur babies and the teenage baby…all happy and contented….bring on the New Year…


Hope you all had a good one wherever you are!

Geri xx

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