Red Sky at Night and Christmas panic


It’a not often the view from the village shop carpark looks quite as pretty as this…had to throw my shopping bags into Ethel and get back out to snap a picture of the sky,  quite beautiful.

Today has been as busy as ever, elbow deep in neoprene and skate pads and bubble wrap….I swear the bubble wrap roll is a ninja out to get me….he is taller than me and as he gets smaller he is pretty quick…. watch this space….

After work I ate Pringles…..for this I am ashamed….so, pulled out the Slimming World magazine for some inspiration….this is what we ended up with, just a tad camouflaged with my plate.


It’s what I like to call a pastry-free quiche….pretty tasty, very filling…very easy…here you go….

100g spinach

100g Brussel Sprouts

6 large eggs

Pinch of dried chilli flakes

Olive Oil

6 rashers of bacon

1 chicken breast

50g feta cheese

Put the spinach in a colander and pour over boiling water then squash it dry…ish and leave

Boil brussel sprouts for two minutes

Crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk up with the chilli flakes

Preheat the grill to medium heat

Brown the bacon and chicken in the olive oil in a deep frying pan or wok

Throw in the spinach and the brussel sprouts and mix.

Pour in the egg and cook for about 8/10 minutes on the hob.

Finish by crumbling over the feta and putting it under the grill.

To check if done stick a knife in and if it comes out dry…ish it is done.

Next time will leave out the bacon as it just makes me too thirsty….

So, now about to find some more Christmas presents online as the panic is setting in that I will never, ever be ready……

Is it Wednesday night already????

Geri x

My Funky Mirror and Her Forget-Me-Not Ex

Well, I started my Christmas shopping, yay!!  And as planned I used Wayfair….you could almost say unfortunately as I found myself abandoning the Christmas shopping and accessorizing the house instead.  Today my new mirror for the downstairs toilet arrived, how quick was that!!  Christopher was sent home with the box to start the task straight away and indeed, by the time I go home there it was!!! How cool is this!!

If you haven’t used Wayfair before go and SHOP

If you want to go straight to the mirror you can shop here it is just £31.99 in the sale at the moment.  What a bargain.  It looks perfect in my house and even got photobombed whilst trying to get a picture of it for you…he is daft!

On to books….last night I finished Her Forget-Me-Not Ex by Sophie Claire


Natasha has consigned her wealthy French ex-husband Luc to the past, so she’s horrified when he turns up at her village florist’s shop out of the blue, pleading for help. He never dared to tell his family about the divorce, and when he asks her to come to France and pretend they’re still married for a couple of weeks to please his dying father, she’s not sure she can say no. She certainly isn’t prepared for the warmth of his family’s welcome, or the attraction that’s still simmering between her and Luc.

But it’s just two weeks in a vineyard, no strings attached, right?

I do love a good romance and this one ticks all the boxes,  handsome Frenchman, flower shop, weddings, a girl with quirky dress sense and interesting nails (I love this) and a family that needs fixing.    There is chemistry between them that was meant to be and an underlying shared tragic event which they had never really shared properly.  The relationship is given the chance to grow again with poignant pillow talk, mostly from across the room.  I thoroughly enjoyed my moments of escapism and it will be joining the books on my bookshelf….thanks to Sophie Claire, a hit for me.

If you want to give it a go it is just 99p on Kindle at the moment.

Her Forget-Me-Not Ex

In Mad Monkey news, today Christopher has been starting our clearance sale,  don’t forget as soon as all our things have gone I will be able to have proper nails again….for this little thing I can hardly wait.   We have some excellent half price surf books…


Shooting the Curl

In the Pink Cobwebs shop there is now only one Classic Games Compendium left…..


Classic Games Compendium

I have another box of clothes and should be able to list some more shortly.  Should also be Christmas shopping but who knows, I might buy something else for the house……

On that note it’s already 7.40pm and I have a house full of chores waiting before bed….

Happy Tuesday!!

Geri x

Manic Monday and the Christmas Elf

In the words of the advent calendar …”Don’t be a wallflower today, enjoy the limelight!”


I hope you all got some limelight today and made full use of it…. Alas, I was in my busy warehouse all by myself packing like a manic elf!!

Our mad monkey best sellers today were the skate pads…great to see you sensible parents hard at work buying bits to go with the skateboards and scooters you have invested in for your little ones…


We are running out of these fast so if you need some here is your link:

The last few skate pads

In the Pink Cobwebs Shop the best sellers were the Games Compendiums, now only two left and plenty of pre-loved clothing bits and pieces if you are after a bargain….a couple of my favourites a purple Monsoon silk party dress and a Simply Be butterfly tunic.  The bidding has started on the dress but the tunic is currently still up for grabs for £10.00.

Finally home from work and time to throw together our version of fish and chips….


A reminder, those plates are from the Blairgowrie Cookshop, you can find the link here….

Then,  after much laundry, oh the excitement, unpacking the new food processor, the Kenwood Multi Pro Classic….there is every thing I am ever going to need in here….so, with all these attachments, the using has been put off until I have read the insructions and believe me, I confess, I rarely read instructions!!


As I get this little beauty working for me I shall update you with all results!!

By now it is 9pm and this Christmas elf is looking a little worse for wear and no longer able to even contemplate finding any limelight…


So, it is bedtime cup of tea time and a couple of chapters of the latest book….then try and sleep through Christophers man flu snoring (I confess it is usually me…..)

Happy Monday night all….

Geri x

The Patchwork Marriage and a December weekend to remember


So, this weekend I finished The Patchwork Marriage by Jane Green

When Andi marries Ethan, she gets a ready-made family in the shape of his daughters Emily and Sophia.  Unable to have a child of her own and crazily in love with Ethan, she has a chance to make the perfect family.  But teenager Emily’s hostility leaves Andi feeling hated in her own home.

And worse, Ethan, blinded by love for his daughter, cannot see that her behaviour is driving a wedge through their marriage.  so when Andi and Ethan’s world is rocked by an act of recklessness, Andi knows that their whole future is in doubt.

Can Andi and Ethan heal the rift in their relationship?  Can each of them find enough love to go round?  And how strong can a patchwork marriage ever be?

Jane Green really does know how to write about life.  The majority of us these days deal with, or know someone who deals with “blended” or step families.  Many of us know someone who deals with the inability to have a family of their own.  This book did not disappoint me, the emotions are real, the characters are real.  I found myself compulsively reading,  returning night after night (my normal reading time) to immerse myself in the unraveling lives of the main characters.

I love Jane’s style – being able to look at the situation through Emily’s eyes too – originally the villain of the tale.  It reminds us that life is rarely black and white, there are always at least two sides to every story.  Wouldn’t life be a better place if we could find it within ourselves to see situations through the eyes of almost everyone.  Yes, yet another Jane Green success for me!

You can find it here!

In other news The Body Shop advent calendar tells us to  Make it a December to Remember.


We went on a road trip to Weston-Super-Mare for a 60th Birthday Party.  I don’t go out partying these days and I borrowed Georgia’s make up and slung on some colour….however, Christopher said I looked pale and was I feeling alright…so, I decided I don’t need to wear make up anymore….a bit of powder to take away the peri-menopausal shine and flush and a smidge of eyeliner to add a little Eastern mystery….that is all that is needed….natural is my thing….decision made….

The party was great,  Christopher met old workmates he hadn’t seen in many years…..we stayed in a lovely little place overnight….Christopher got man-flu, but coped pretty damn well with it….

Home again this morning where he struggled through his man flu and made brunch….he is the master of poached eggs after all….


We even got blue cheese in a mushroom with it!!

Finally,  one box of pre loved clothing listed in the Pink Cobwebs Shop which I have been meaning to do for ages!!  My Dad might get a sleeping space in the spare room yet!!

A big thanks to Dawnie for my Body Shop coconut supplies for my birthday….I bet you can’t believe I finally like coconut Dawnie, especially after that Majorca holiday we shared where a few too many Malibus put me in hospital for the week,  along with the fact that it turned out Glandular Fever was in my system……all the photos afterwards showed you guys wearing my clothes whilst I was in hospital!  Bless you…..I had style once….


See you over Christmas Dawn!!!!!

Happy Sunday night all!

Geri x

Reflection on my 49th Birthday

The day started marvellously with a new food processor.  I have been so limited with my new Deliciously Ella recipe book because there is so much processing to be done and mine is packed away in the shed…from moving…just 5 years ago…  This one is truly fantastic and I am so excited…strangely…I used to prefer shoes and the odd handbag….


Christopher, it has to be said, always does his homework before purchasing these items and what a great choice…he has admitted it was a little confusing to find that even Kenwood do about 15 different types.  Over the weekend I shall be unpacking it from its box and getting Ella into my kitchen and creating…oh the anticipation.

I also got a Spiralizer, I had mentioned a few hundred times that I wanted one.


Apparently there is some concern that I might lose my fingers to this one… I shall keep you updated…

Then it was on to todays advent calendars….we have body butter and we have a frosty white candle….Make the Simple Things Beautiful


And its day three in December and I still haven’t bought any Christmas presents….the list will start tomorrow…

Today is not list day, today is odd socks day….


Then home from work early and a visit from Mumsie and Pops and a surprise visit from Auntie Soozi…..(my fabulous sister!)

More presents….

I think my need to have kitchen and household things has become clear…and to be fair, even though I am rubbish at it, I do quite like ironing…towels, tea towels and handkerchiefs.  The rest just gets hung up in the wardrobe… Even though there is no getting to the wardrobes at the moment as the bedroom is being decorated by the multi talented Christopher.

And my favourite smellies from Soozi!


Liz Earle has without doubt my favourite smells on the planet….Cleanse and Polish is miraculous and helps me look better than I did when I was a teenager!  It’s good to be happy in your own skin.  Maybe this comes with age….

And we have happy cats….Mollie Topshop even took her spectacles off for this shot….Timmy Twoshoes looking far more professional…


And now, my birthday is over for another year….next year 50! Bring it on!!  Times are good, I am surrounded by the most motivational and loving people and it will soon be Christmas….tree out at the weekend, fairy lights are still up since last year, just because they look nice in the kitchen and going to have a go at crocheting some snowflakes for the tree.

Time for a snuggle on the sofa!!! And flapjacks and coffee…

Night night all!!!

Geri x

Advent Calendars and Flapjacks

Finally it is December and the Elf is out and about.


We opened our advent calendars this morning, bleary eyed and half asleep.  Georgia had something shimmering and cranberry from the Body Shop and I had a………candle from the Yankee Candle Company….flavour unsure….  But we love the excitement of it all!!

What surprises are waiting for you?


If you want something interactive and healthy head over to The Lucy Bee Advent Calendar – don’t cheat though, just click on one each day!!   Today it was Christmas Cake!!  I have never made one and this year won’t have the time….also, the fabulous Doylie who visits us at Christmas usually brings one made by his mum, and believe me she is exceptional, you won’t beat her Christmas cake!

Today the day job has been hugely busy with our biggest seller being the the mad monkey towelling change robe, which indeed pleases me massively as it is really easy to parcel and send.  More of these and less awkward snow shovels if you could.


I know, they look like a funky group of Halloween ghosties!!  Great Christmas present though.  When caravanning I wear mine all day floating around the campsite.

I have now boxed up all the clothing I have to part with to get room back for the family to stay at Christmas.  However, I found myself creating flapjacks instead of listing them.


I found this recipe on the Telegraph website here but is originally a recipe from Deliciously Ella one of my favourite recipe websites.  Go take a look, some really brilliant ideas for some healthier eating.

There has now been a price drop on the Flower Butterfly Necklace at the Pink Cobwebs Folksy Shop – it’s a one off upcycled piece and now just £7.50 plus postage.


And this evening we have Mollie Topshop for you…..just so that you can see that Timmy Twoshoes is not our only smiling sleeping cat.


Now to bed…. currently reading Jane Green’s The Patchwork Marriage…so far it is a definite page turner….will keep you posted.

Happy 1st of December….tomorrow is another Yankee Candle day!!

Geri x