I discovered Decoupage

In this glorious New Year I have found myself drawn to vintage findings and beads, it’s like finally finding your own style….obviously this means I start looking at my wardrobe and a serious restyle is needed….charity shops for me all the way for some great finds so will keep you updated….

On the jewellery front I sold a really sweet necklace on Etsy, my first sale so really hoping the beautiful lady who bought it likes it…I shall drop her a note later making sure she received it safely….


I had some broken vintage earrings and a vintage diamante necklace which I fixed together with a strand of costume jewellery faux pearls to achieve this multi-strand necklace….very pretty.

After this I puchased a really pretty old blue and white pendant, it reminded me of old blue and white china cups and saucers.  I had a sparkly Swarovski crystal drop to use and again the same strand of costume faux pearls left over to create this one.


This one is still available for £15.00 plus postage…only one postage fee on any one order so feel free to buy more than one treasure to save on your postage my lovelies….


The collection is growing and I am loving it….

Our bed came from Wayfair this week, my goodness it is beautiful and we are getting the best sleeps!!  Do take into account if you go for this one the curl on the headboard, which we didn’t and have had to rearrange our room as it stands a little way out from the wall….now just a little too long for the space our old headboard-less bed used to live…we have adjusted, because I like it so much!!!


Most definitely need new bedding now though, I quite like getting new bedding and luckily prefer my bedding not to particularly match so can get lots of different vintage bits and pieces and share them with you later…


I didn’t realise the bed would be studded with huge diamante style buttons, my boudoir is coming along very nicely!!


I have the earring bug and guess what? Yes, I still have some of that strand of faux-pearls left…


These still available too….quite grand and very statement using pieces from a broken vintage bracelet…At this point I decided I would like to have something to keep these treasures in, or to send them out in so that the item is a little more special…I started to watch decoupage tutorials…

This little box was created, it is pretty, it was easy to do, I got to peel glue off my fingers which gave me school flashbacks, it looks aged so fits the vintage earrings very nicely so all in all, very, very pleased….the box and the earrings have now sold and will be travelling across the world to the United States to hopefully be enjoyed…


Each little box will have a little something added on the inside to make it a little different….

I have been watching furniture decoupage tutorials, the household here is rather concerned that they might wake up one morning to find roses on every available bit of flat surface…I will keep them guessing…

I already have my eye on the walls for something like this….


Yesterday we worked and worked and worked in the rain and cold, came home late and chilled with take away and Take Me Out…we all have crushes on Paddy, including Christopher…

This morning we awoke at normal 6am time, had a cup of tea leaning against that luscious headboard and then promptly went back to sleep again and woke up at 10am feeling like teenagers….I find myself now with the never ending laundry and tidying to do…before I sneak off again to the bead cupboard, I have some beautiful butterfly napkins to put onto the next little earrings box….let the fun commence!


And I passionately need some new clothes so perhaps another coffee and a little look at Ebay won’t hurt….

Geri x

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