Pasties and Poppies

Squeezed in a little beading session this evening….I really love this bracelet connector and hoping to get some more very soon….here is the Poppy Field Bracelet for you….great colours too….


It is in the Etsy shop right here….

Now as promised….the pasty recipe we have been using!


We aren’t experts just yet…and the crimping needs a huge amount of practice but if you want to have a go, here is our preferred technique…

For the pastry:

450g of strong white flour (with a pinch of salt if you like)

100g butter (the recipe states margarine but we prefer to eat butter, margarine has weird fats in it)

100g of lard

175ml water

Put the flour and salt in a bowl.  Recipe states to put in a quarter of the lard and rub into the flour and then grate or slice the rest of the fats and stir in with a knife.  We have been chopping all the fats and rubbing into the flour to make a kind of crumb mixture.  Then pour in the water and stir until absorbed.  Knead it a little and leave in the fridge for 30 minutes before using (we must admit that sometimes we just make it and use it straight away).  Christopher was not so happy with getting the hands in there….. I usually make the pastry…


Pastry can be made the day before and wrapped in cling film and kept in the fridge.  It freezes well but take it out the night before you need it and don’t refreeze it.

For our pasty fillings (for each pasty):

50g onion

75g swede or turnip

115g beef skirt

150g sliced potatoes – we chop them up quite small rather than slice

black pepper and salt (lots of it).

Keep your chopped potatoes in water to stop them going brown and yukky.  Cut your beef skirt into pieces, remove any fatty bits…eeewwww….

Use lots of flour on your board or the area you are using.  Cut off a quarter of the pastry, we manage to make a pasty with a bit less than a quarter….you must make the size you like….

Roll out the pastry….we treated ourselves to a new rolling pin for this!


We got ours from Wayfair and it is currently out of stock but they do have similar marble ones to go for.  I had been using a wine bottle to roll out pastry for a little while and had some Wayfair loyalty points to use.

The average size of the circle you need is 8-9 inches across, find a plate roughly this size and trim around it to get a good shape.

We rest half of the circle on the board and lift the other half onto the rolling pin – I am going to try and find the You Tube video link we originally watched to show you how to do this… then in the bottom half we layer the potato, onion, turnip and meat.  Put the seasoning in the middle and then layer some more on top.  Our first efforts didn’t have enough seasoning so use far more than you think you will need.  A tip from mother….put some butter inside the pasty with the mixture to make it moist, it works.  Also never put your salt on top of the mixture as it can make the pastry taste bitter.

Dampen one side of the pastry with a little water, this will help it to seal when you are crimping.  Fold the pasty over and press firmly but gently together.  Controversial for a Cornish pasty, but most say the crimping should be along the side not along the top.   The only way is to watch someone doing it so I will try and find a link.

Now make some slits in the top and brush with egg, we tried egg and we tried milk….we prefer the finish of the egg.  Now place them on baking parchment in your tray….on this day we ran out so used foil instead…and this is just before the slits were added….


They are baked in a hot oven 22oC (425F, Gas Mark 7) for 20 to 30 minutes.  Check them and if they are brown turn them down to 160C (325F, Gas Mark 3). Bake for another 20 minutes then turn off the oven and leave them in there for a further 15 minutes with the door shut.

Eat them hot, eat them cold…however you prefer….

There are many different flavours, I enjoy a cheese and onion pasty….

Yay, found the original clip we watched when learning and she is lovely…


Click here and you should go straight to a lesson in pasty making…..

Remember if you make some Cornish pasties (not technically Cornish if you aren’t making them in Cornwall) please do send me some pictures….I would love to see them!

And if you are interested in the history of the Pasty when it was created for the miners….


Just take yourself here…. it’s pretty interesting…

Ansom me loverrrs…


Geri xx

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