Stop Saying You’re Fine and Cornish Cream Teas

And yet another delightful sunny weekend…..It finds me reading Stop Saying You’re Fine by Mel Robbins….it is a breath of self help fresh air…she seems to know me so well, maybe I am just like the rest of the human race after all….


I found Mel purely by accident, browsing through You Tube videos after going to bed early…yes, when I should be reading because of the whole “blue light” thing… I clicked with this immediately….this lady is so wise, got me rethinking things straight away…yes, I do have a massive list of things to do and a massive list of things I want to do, so why? oh yes, why? am I not doing them…yes, I surf the web far too much, spending all my time finding inspiring ideas and pictures I love, but by then all the time is gone and I never get time to do them…..Part way through a chapter this morning I flung it down (yes, part way, believe me I NEVER put a book down without finishing a chapter) I Googled local yoga classes….I have always wanted to do yoga and for all my years in my twenties and thirties of constant aerobics and gym sessions, I never got around to yoga…the closest dear friends was the Geri Haliwell DVD which ended up with me hurting my hand and never doing it again….don’t get me wrong, I love our Geri, after all, she did make my name cool but it wasn’t the real deal, doing it at home in my sitting room.  I have put in my first email request for more information to the closest one I have found, yes, I took action….in five seconds!!  Over the coming weeks I will share the odd tit bit from the book to get you thinking…but if you can’t wait I well recommend purchasing it…link below, which is an affiliate link…if you don’t want to use the link just go to Amazon and type in Mel’s name…you will find it straight away….

                   Stop Saying You’re Fine: The No-Bs Guide to Getting What You Want

Saturday saw me taking Georgia off to school in the morning laden down with a ruck sack she could hardly lift ready to start the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze practice walk….


It took about 60 seconds to find all the bits she had already looked for….do teenagers have blind spots….

So, it was a quiet night tucked up in bed thinking about her in her sleeping bag, in a tent, somewhere in the middle of nowhere with no toilet, no facilities (it turned out they were on a campsite with showers and toilets….now that’s not the way I remember camp being…I am sure it was a smelly hole in a tent and no showers whatsoever).

Then a text at 7.15am saying they were packing up and on the way back…7.15am on a Sunday??? Oh poor Georgia…..

Christopher was working all day on trailers and boats and stuff I pretend to understand…so awaiting the call for pick up of blister ridden child I loaded up Ethel and paid him a visit with scones and jam and clotted cream….


Cream on top of the jam….always, always….when in Cornwall…..

Cream tea out of the back of the truck with our tea in mugs….it’s never about being in the most expensive restaurant (even though sometimes this is the right thing to do….first date etc etc..) it is always about the company….how could you not love those little leggies…..

Finally the call, time to pick up Georgia….amazingly blister free and sounding OK….all failed terribly at map reading, got lost several times…but all smiling and happy…well done to the girls team for being positive and strong – Girl Power Ladies!!!!  Happy Birthday to Jade who had to wake up in a strange tent on her birthday and Well Done Stina for acting as midgies bait as she appeared to be the only one to get bitten….


Home at last with the ruck sack she could almost fit inside….straight to the shower and early to bed…..

And an early night for me too…..a new fun parcel from Liz Earle…time to try out the Eye Cream….will keep you updated on it…this brand has never let me down yet…


Liz Earle Eye Cream

No jewellery updates over the weekend even though the next project has been lined up based around a great vintage Greek Lady Pendant…


I still have lots of charm bracelets left at the Etsy Shop so feel free to take a look.

That’s it for now….wake up tomorrow and enjoy your Monday!!


Geri xx

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