Just working hard until the weekend…

Well, it has just been a couple of days of really hard work, sending out parcels, being a taxi, house chores and all the stuff that life is made of… the only beading I managed to do is pull out the next few bits I might work on…


I have this interesting vintage pendant of a Greek lady, an old costume jewellery necklace and some green leaves….this might be fun!!  Before this I have to tidy the work area…you know how it gets out of control, on Friday we have Jade arriving to learn some beading as part of her Duke of Edinburgh new skills section….I think I am going to be surprised how much stuff I have in those craft drawers!!

I have a decoupaged stone to varnish and put in the front garden….we have a line of sunflowers growing out there so bright stones will be an added extra for the summer…


It’s a little rough around the edges but for the garden it will be fine….

Yesterday I spotted this picture by @kazloubeck on Instagram… she has beautiful pictures go and have a browse…


Aha…..we used to have one of those in the old lean-to kitchen before it was demolished….. a search of the garden found this….


Along with a rather fluffy passing cat who couldn’t work out why I was interested in an old pump at the bottom of the garden….

We have a well just outside the house which will be in the decking so watch this space….but don’t hold your breath just yet….the garage is still being built and because the garden is muddy the cats are practicing modern art on the house walls…just below the window sills…


I think it would look good in a frame in a gallery somewhere….

The sun has now set….it’s time to go and read some more of Mel….pyjamas, Liz Earle and bed…

Geri xx

Fathers Day is coming soon….so will just pop some ideas down there which will normally be affiliate links…this site Atelier Chefs has a great little section where you can put in a search box an ingredient e.g Parsnips…or whatever you have lingering in the fridge unused and it will give you recipes to use them up….pretty useful…not tried the recipes yet but I will….

2 thoughts on “Just working hard until the weekend…

    • I like those stones that are kind of painted with lots of dots….thinking of trying that too….wondering how many will disappear from the garden, but if it makes anyone happy they can have them…:o) xx


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