Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

I find myself revisiting this book, one of my favourites and today the task was to get in my car….not get wound up about those drivers that wind us all up….let them pull out in front of me, let them not thank me for stopping to let them through….wow, I can even say it and still feel relaxed…make it your mission tomorrow….let me know how it goes, it works for me….it is such small stuff, we all know this, deep down….let them drive on their way, give them a smile….they hate that….and SING….I have Jason Mraz – especially Living in the Moment!! What a great song….go to the link and give it a play and pay special attention to the lyrics…..


And if you haven’t read Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff yet, you really should….

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking Over Your Life – you can get it here on Amazon – affiliate link.

Today I ate salad!!!! And I enjoyed it!!!! In my little Chinese Takeaway tub….


Really basic, just lettuce, tomato, cucumber, chicken and Balsamic Vinegar…. But I have to get a good funky salad bowl…. I have my eye on this beauty….


From the dotcomgiftshop – not an affiliate link, just takes you straight there and check out some of the bowls and plates, very very very colourful!

Today the weather was so good it was time for a stomp around the normal circuit with Georgia….the wild flowers are beautiful…..the sky was blue, the sea was calm….the air was fresh and there was nobody about but us…. perfect…

Totally chilled and off to bed to read…..currently reading…..


Love it so far!!!

What Would Mary Berry Do? affiliate link to Amazon….

Don’t forget, tomorrow, wave like a maniac at all other road users, see how it makes you feel!!


Geri xx

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