Make Peace With Imperfection


In this social media age we spend hours scrolling through the words and pictures of not only our nearest and dearest, but complete strangers and people on different wavelengths to us, people we wouldn’t want to spend time with….They all seem so perfect don’t they….oh they do….But, the majority of them, the majority of us, also spend hours getting that perfect picture, telling the perfect story and making it all seem like an instant moment of idealistic joy….Sometimes it is….sometimes it just seems to be… It pays to remember though that nobody is perfect, nobody has the perfect life…..the secret is in enjoying the life you have, if you want to change something….just change it….and if you haven’t changed it…why not?

I have lots of things to change and procrastination is my middle name….whether it be a fitter body, a healthier diet, a skill I always wanted to learn (one of mine is yoga and yes I have made contact and waiting to get into a class….) you have to take the action to make it happen….we all have reasons to put it off, start next week, diet starts on Monday, I feel a bit poorly, I don’t have what I need….I have been doing this for years….according to Mel Robbins you need to take action within 5 seconds, whatever it may be, making a phone call, sending an e-mail, just any action towards putting your dreams into motion….and she is right when she says you need to do it now because “you are NEVER going to feel like it”.  If you want to start something from scratch, always wanted to, Google it, take classes in it, read everything you can about it….the resources are all there for you…. I am only half way through her book, I do like it, can you tell???

                   Stop Saying You’re Fine: The No-Bs Guide to Getting What You Want

So, in a nutshell, if you strive for perfection you are never going to happy.  We all look different and we should all accept each others differences, whatever your size, whatever your face shape, whatever hair you have….we are all beautiful….absolutely enjoy what you have…..


Picture taken from Christine Stalder on Etsy

That’s my little bit of wisdom for this evening…..

Remember Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!!

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking Over Your Life

So, it’s goodnight from me….and it’s goodnight from Timmy Twoshoes…


Geri xx

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