Gentle, Relaxed People Can Be Superachievers


You can achieve what you want without becoming frantic, without trampling over others along the way….Do it your way, don’t be tempted or led astray by peer pressure….remain true to yourself.

Trust your instincts, you know the things you shouldn’t say, the things you will regret later on,  continue to be kind, continue to take your time, be courageous.

Don’t give up at the first obstacle…..did you know that Richard Branson is dyslexic…you haven’t seen him let this get in his way…super successful, he exudes gentleness…if he really is an ogre he hides it pretty well…..

Always continue to learn, never ever stop….made a mistake, learn from it….turn every negative into a positive…challenging at the time….but people do it, so can you….

Always be willing to make changes….be ready to adapt….if one thing fails….change it into something that doesn’t fail, don’t just throw in the towel at the first hurdle….

Find out who to ask for advice, have all the resources to hand, don’t be afraid to use them….the internet is a wide and wonderful world of information, use it and research it….

Keep your long term goal in sight whilst using those little steps to reach it….visualize the bigger picture, act as if it is already happening,  study people who already live the life you would like to have…remember, it’s not all about wealth, it’s the lifestyle you would like, the happiness you would like to achieve and remember the journey can also be part of the enjoyment as much as the destination…live for the moment too.

It’s human nature to have our down days…we all know this….But try to remain positive, for yourself and for others….help people through their tough times don’t bully or be aggressive and they will help you through yours…it should be this simple, but you will get let down but you might also be surprised at the help and support you will get from the most unexpected places.

Always remember your team….you don’t get to where you want to get to all by yourself…remember every single bit of help you have had….make sure they all know how much you appreciate this and make sure other people know about the hard work of others….  If you think somebody did well, compliment….if they didn’t do quite so well compliment them on that time that they did…Notice what they have achieved for you, not what they haven’t achieved for you and this will come back to you many times over.

If something isn’t working and you feel the time has come to stop and try something new….don’t stay with it, let it go and move on …however emotional it might feel, it is your instinct kicking in and telling you the time is right, go with it….

Think about what you want, take action and make a start….now!


Don’t you love it when I get all motivational on you….that was exhausting….please let me know any of the actions you take and what this brings…examples would be fabulous…

Today has been a day of work and now I shall share with you my find of the day…..

a totally gorgeous little felted mouse….


You will find her at AnjiTeri in Etsy….how exquisite is she!!! Don’t forget to let me know if you have an Etsy shop and I will feature one of your items for you…. Click on Etsy Link below to take you to the little mouse and other similar creations…

Etsy UK

On that happy little note, it’s time for a cuppa and some reading…

Happy Friday night to one and all…

Geri xx

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