I think it’s official, I love Saturdays…


Today has been a chilled day, I kind of like those….and I sit here with the TV off just listening to Mollie Topshop snoring and the clock ticking…no football….bliss…..

I finished Mel this morning, I can’t recommend it enough….easy to read and full of useful tips and strategies….now the reading is finished the planning is about to start…well, has already started…please read it if you are feeling stuck, not necessarily unhappy, but too much to do and feel like there should be more…it’s actually pretty easy…..

I walked into the village in the sun, humming away, smiling at everyone…..Bought two bags at bargain price in the charity shop….


I know, I know, I am supposed to be decluttering, but I will now be rid of the bag I am using….a lady should always accessorize….no excuses…

I strolled back, a little bit more food shopping, bag heavier, working those arms…..lovely, lovely fresh air….outside my house I bumped into a lad who lives a few doors away from us, there he was with his herbs that he had grown asking if I would like to buy some…Absolutely, yes please!! It’s so refreshing to see our young ones out and about, making something of themselves, working hard and look what I bought….


The chives smell delicious!  Later on I saw him whizzing past on his skateboard….sometimes you just get the feeling a young one is going to do well in life….I think he is going far….

Then, time for a cuppa and chill with cats….

Onto a mammoth ironing pile and washing pile….music, lots of it…. before Mr Christoffffff arrived home and chicken curry was made.

He attempted to watch football but about 20 minutes later he had switched it off….

I added another necklace to the Pink Cobwebs collection.  The pretty vintage Greek Lady Pendant is now available….


More details about her here.


Timmy Twoshoes!!!!!

Now I find myself at 10pm and ready to snuggle in PJs and read a little bit….

Tomorrow lots of action ,coming from my recent reading…but for now….Happy Saturday Night xxx

Geri x

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