What have YOU always wanted to do?


You know, I’m not entirely sure how I would answer if somebody started up a conversation in this way….I mean, how much time do you have to chat exactly??

I’ve always wanted to be super fit,  to make things, to paint things, take photographs, write, have a tidier house, the garden finished, decking and sun chairs, live somewhere sunny, be a great cook, a people helper, a ray of sunshine, make people laugh, make people feel happy,  have great fashion sense, have my own fashion sense, eat properly, drink more water, grow vegetables, cook those vegetables, the list goes on….and on….

Sometimes there are just too many things on that list, the overthinking begins and then absolutely nothing gets done and the years go by just thinking about it….

I finally made a start….Georgia and I are off to yoga next week….if poor Ethel hadn’t failed her MOT we might just have made it there this week…worry not, she just failed on a windscreen wiper and a back middle seat belt so she is going to be fit for another year, and there I was checking out her replacement….just in case….


So, what to do if you aren’t sure what you want….I can’t tell you any better than Mel Robbins does…

Just click here for some guidance…..help you to decide what it is you really want!!

I have started by contacting a yoga class straight away and will be jotting things down here almost daily until you are bored with seeing it….

Regarding the house being tidier thing…I have a daily list, I have a weekly list and I am working through it…if cleaning the fridge seems like a huge task after a busy day working and then cooking tea and then sorting out the dishes etc etc etc….just clean one of the shelves and schedule the rest for tomorrow, but be sure to do one of them…it’s likely tomorrow you will only do one but by the end of the week, clean fridge!!!

Crossing things off that list, now that’s job satisfaction…the cats baskets have been cleaned, the microwave is clean….I must confess that Ethel should be cleaner and when she passes that MOT I promise to get the vacuum in there….

I have had to put the beads and jewellery away for a short while whilst I get through the massive task of decluttering and sorting….but, I have to put together an earring tutorial and a bookmark tutorial….tomorrow I will be bringing you this along with some of the sources I use for guidance and for purchasing the beads and findings I use….

Short and sweet but it’s late and I have some reading to do!  Decide what you want to do folks and take action on it, don’t spend too long planning, just do it….

                          Stop Saying You’re Fine: The No-Bs Guide to Getting What You Want


Did I mention I should have been a fashion model…no? I guess there are limits….Check out  ASOS. for some crochet playsuits if you are embarking on some hot holidays….

I still have lots of summer jewellery in the Pink Cobwebs Etsy Shop


And have a look at Kat below modelling a necklace I made….a saucy burlesque minx…


You will find Kat’s Instagram pictures here…..

I said short and sweet and now everyone here has gone to bed already….I have the joy of rounding up cats and putting them out in their baskets…CLEAN baskets, yay!!!

Stop procrastinating, take action…

cheers and gone!

Geri xx

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