What to wish for on the first day of Summer

As it’s officially summer and today it has in fact rained all day for hours and hours and hours and we have been subject to the traditional Cornish mizzle sea mist,  today is a very good day to do a little window shopping and discover some new websites.  None of these links are affiliate links and I haven’t used all of them so should you feel inspired to purchase I would love to hear your buying experiences, good or bad….fingers crossed for good…..

For entertaining, now the weather is supposed to get better how about an update for your tired lights….The Garland – Gold Etched Metal Floral Ceiling Light Shade from Habitat


Currently at half price in the sale just £10, it comes as a flat metal sheet with a continuous strand of metal that can be wrapped around a light bulb into any shape or form, giving you the chance to get creative.  Use different light bulb colours for warm effects.

I am already imagining that our garage is finished, we have decking and we are claiming back some garden from the building site….how about giving some lovely smells a try…


Taking inspiration from Welsh Hill Farmers my favourite to try here is the lavender hand cream…I can almost smell it… No artificial smells or colourings here and not tested on animals…you can purchase these at Such And Such. Then go ahead and read all about the makings and beginnings of the Welsh Lavender Farm here.


How to find them….”The turn for our farm is 4.5 miles south of Builth Wells off the B4520.
From Brecon, the turn is 13 miles north from the Cathedral off the B4520.
Our farm is 1.3 miles in.  The road is curvy and hilly and feels longer than 1.3 miles so persevere until you find the farm. There is a sundial on the front of our stone farmhouse.  The more adventurous may enjoy taking the back road from Builth Wells via Maesmynis.  We are 3.3 miles from the T junction at Hospital Road.”  A little bit far away for us down here in Cornwall, but a visit to a lavender farm is now on my list…that ever growing list of things to do and places to visit….I Googled,  it’s not a lavender farm but I found…

P1030226 teas sm

Cheristow Lavender tearooms and gardens, pretty close in North Devon….camping facilities and beef farm….they obviously put the jam and cream the wrong way around, but this is going to be worth a day trip on the next North Devon visit…..

Are you decorating, complete wallpapering style decorating?? We have a hall way to decorate at some point, but this comes after the garden and after the lounge is cleared of all clutter….go for some summer vintage style cuteness with this Chinoiserie peony design reproduced from a fragment of hand-painted wallpaper from Canton, China, 1800–25.


You will find a wide range of colours and designs at Graham & Brown this one currently at half price £10 a roll.

No shopping spree in the UK would be complete without a hot chocolate….our summers being not as hot mean yummy hot chocolate all year round….this is a potential winner and high up on my shopping list…


You will find this one at the future kept a website run by Jeska & Dean Hearne who believe in buying less and buying better….a lifestyle we are struggling towards day by day in our battle against the clutter…quality over quantity…hot chocolate over anything else….

Light and airy bedrooms….try H & M


Duvet cover set just £14.99, white walls and light weight curtains….all we need now is the sun!

When you are browsing new websites you will come across items from a different world….I found this pretty book…


Wow, £1750.00 – that’s a whole different planet to mine right there….a new arrival at the Conran Shop someone tell me is that price for real??

Bringing it back down to my price range, some lilac porcelain latte bowls from Anthropologie


£3.50 each and in a range of pretty colours.

Enough summer window shopping…..

Hopefully have pointed you in the direction of some new websites….

Geri xx

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