Make An Entrance….


I can recommend almost all of these….but, don’t spike the punch! I won’t deny once making the most wicked vodka and orange punch that had friends face down in the long grass in the garden with both shoes missing….you know who you are…if you actually remember it…but for this very “I did that once” reason, just don’t spike the punch….

As I have started with some gorgeous technicolour it would only be right and proper to continue with some artistic content…

I recently made a bracelet based around a poppy field clay centre piece and I really love it..


You can still find this one in the Pink Cobwebs Etsy Shop.

But I am not here to blow my own trumpet (which delightfully links to the title picture), I am here to introduce you to the DitsyBlueBeads Shop

This is where I bought the centre piece for this bracelet.

All pieces you find here are made by a lady called Karen Trezise and are totally and utterly captivating.  She is indeed a very talented artist.

Karen says here latest collection of beads have been inspired by ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett.


Covering themes of friendship, love and the healing powers of nature.  They are beautifully made, packaged so carefully and were delivered in super quick time.  I also have some of Karen’s roses which I haven’t yet used but eagerly awaiting a project.


Everybody knows how much I love flowers and butterflies and such like but alongside these lovely items Karen makes Cottage Bracelets, these so remind me of Cornish coastal villages, complimented by the most beautiful beads….I am so in awe that I shall share the links directly to the Ditsy Blue website for you….please don’t purchase them all, I have this on my ever growing (actually far bigger than my budget) list…you know, that list we all have, but I am steadily working through it…one book and funky bead at a time….


By The Sea Bracelet

Pebbles Cottage Bracelet

Rock Pool Cottage Bracelet

You will find Ditsy Blue on Facebook

On Twitter

On Pinterest

On Instagram

On Flickr

and on Folksy

Most certainly grab what you can quickly now because I have the feeling these items won’t be sitting on the shelf for long….

So, remember to make that grand entrance as you know you should, get yourself some quirky unusual and artistically magnificent pieces…..

I should move on to Whistle While You Work next, but as I have never really been able to whistle we might have to give that one a miss…

I can snore though,  off to bed to partake in some….

Geri xx

One thought on “Make An Entrance….

  1. Thanks so much for this Geri and for all the lovely things you’ve said! I really love the bracelet you made and can’t wait to see what you make with the roses! 🙂 xx


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