Stepping Back into the Real World


One of my pet hates?  Seeing this….. Even worse than this? ….Realising I do it myself… The smart phone…a habit, an addiction….a complete distraction to the world around myself… Don’t get me wrong, there are plus points….I have a Facebook Messenger group containing my mother, my sister and my daughter….my most important ladies just ready to send food pictures to, to listen to what they are up to….to share our stories good and bad at a moments notice, now that, I am not giving up…that is part of my real world when they are not with me….

I love to see family photos and hear funny stories and keep in touch with friends far away I haven’t seen in ages, I have even virtually met so many likeminded people I might never have discovered and beautiful people they all are… but, it’s when this turns into an hour or two of aimless scrolling through political rants and animal abuse and general nothingness, that’s when the real world around me starts to blur…this is so far removed from real happiness…


Soul-Sucking Photos By French Artist Show How Phones Are Stealing Our Identities

I found myself with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, BlogLovin, Snapchat, Tumblr and I believe there are many more…I don’t even know how to use the majority of them…just so caught up with the whole thing that I was afraid I might miss something…add to this e-mails, Etsy and Ebay….my poor head is overflowing…along with all the physical problems associated with….how many people have all or most of these:-


I can put ticks against most of these….

So, it is time to curb the habit and habit is all that it is….It’s like, wake up, check Facebook, have breakfast, check it again….have a shower, check Facebook, go to work, check it again….a familiar pattern…Now I don’t want to disappear completely, because there are bits I enjoy….so, my plan….

Check social media just once a day…. oh my goodness is there a stick on patch for this sudden technology withdrawal?? Yes there is! It’s called living, cooking, reading, physical activities, good old talking to other people, writing letters…gardening….it goes on….

I enjoy keeping notes and links and pictures so WordPress is where I shall keep it, all in one place.  I will check in on everyone on Facebook once a day and I will enjoy it….  Facebook in mind, there will be some “unfollowing” not “unfriending” so as to just see exactly what and who I want to see….

All those times during the day I think of things I want to tell people or pictures I want to share,   keep them in a notebook or on my phone for later on…. This, right here, will be my little diary…it will be for me to look back on and me to enjoy….selfish right?  But if I write it for me and others choose to enjoy it and use any links from it to enjoy the things I have, that’s an added bonus…..

So, this is me gone now until tomorrow night when I will show links to my first go with the Spiralizer and Lucy Bee’s cauliflower and broccoli rice….which was amazingly tasty!!


So, here I go….back out into the world….

Gulp…..Geri xx

2 thoughts on “Stepping Back into the Real World

    • It was amazingly easy….I shall share the pictures later….the family sit down to eat and look at me in amazement….for family, I mean Christopher, Georgia thinks I only cook poisonous foods so rarely eats it unless it comes out of a packet…. 🙂 x

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