I think it’s official, I love Saturdays…


Today has been a chilled day, I kind of like those….and I sit here with the TV off just listening to Mollie Topshop snoring and the clock ticking…no football….bliss…..

I finished Mel this morning, I can’t recommend it enough….easy to read and full of useful tips and strategies….now the reading is finished the planning is about to start…well, has already started…please read it if you are feeling stuck, not necessarily unhappy, but too much to do and feel like there should be more…it’s actually pretty easy…..

I walked into the village in the sun, humming away, smiling at everyone…..Bought two bags at bargain price in the charity shop….


I know, I know, I am supposed to be decluttering, but I will now be rid of the bag I am using….a lady should always accessorize….no excuses…

I strolled back, a little bit more food shopping, bag heavier, working those arms…..lovely, lovely fresh air….outside my house I bumped into a lad who lives a few doors away from us, there he was with his herbs that he had grown asking if I would like to buy some…Absolutely, yes please!! It’s so refreshing to see our young ones out and about, making something of themselves, working hard and look what I bought….


The chives smell delicious!  Later on I saw him whizzing past on his skateboard….sometimes you just get the feeling a young one is going to do well in life….I think he is going far….

Then, time for a cuppa and chill with cats….

Onto a mammoth ironing pile and washing pile….music, lots of it…. before Mr Christoffffff arrived home and chicken curry was made.

He attempted to watch football but about 20 minutes later he had switched it off….

I added another necklace to the Pink Cobwebs collection.  The pretty vintage Greek Lady Pendant is now available….


More details about her here.


Timmy Twoshoes!!!!!

Now I find myself at 10pm and ready to snuggle in PJs and read a little bit….

Tomorrow lots of action ,coming from my recent reading…but for now….Happy Saturday Night xxx

Geri x

Gentle, Relaxed People Can Be Superachievers


You can achieve what you want without becoming frantic, without trampling over others along the way….Do it your way, don’t be tempted or led astray by peer pressure….remain true to yourself.

Trust your instincts, you know the things you shouldn’t say, the things you will regret later on,  continue to be kind, continue to take your time, be courageous.

Don’t give up at the first obstacle…..did you know that Richard Branson is dyslexic…you haven’t seen him let this get in his way…super successful, he exudes gentleness…if he really is an ogre he hides it pretty well…..

Always continue to learn, never ever stop….made a mistake, learn from it….turn every negative into a positive…challenging at the time….but people do it, so can you….

Always be willing to make changes….be ready to adapt….if one thing fails….change it into something that doesn’t fail, don’t just throw in the towel at the first hurdle….

Find out who to ask for advice, have all the resources to hand, don’t be afraid to use them….the internet is a wide and wonderful world of information, use it and research it….

Keep your long term goal in sight whilst using those little steps to reach it….visualize the bigger picture, act as if it is already happening,  study people who already live the life you would like to have…remember, it’s not all about wealth, it’s the lifestyle you would like, the happiness you would like to achieve and remember the journey can also be part of the enjoyment as much as the destination…live for the moment too.

It’s human nature to have our down days…we all know this….But try to remain positive, for yourself and for others….help people through their tough times don’t bully or be aggressive and they will help you through yours…it should be this simple, but you will get let down but you might also be surprised at the help and support you will get from the most unexpected places.

Always remember your team….you don’t get to where you want to get to all by yourself…remember every single bit of help you have had….make sure they all know how much you appreciate this and make sure other people know about the hard work of others….  If you think somebody did well, compliment….if they didn’t do quite so well compliment them on that time that they did…Notice what they have achieved for you, not what they haven’t achieved for you and this will come back to you many times over.

If something isn’t working and you feel the time has come to stop and try something new….don’t stay with it, let it go and move on …however emotional it might feel, it is your instinct kicking in and telling you the time is right, go with it….

Think about what you want, take action and make a start….now!


Don’t you love it when I get all motivational on you….that was exhausting….please let me know any of the actions you take and what this brings…examples would be fabulous…

Today has been a day of work and now I shall share with you my find of the day…..

a totally gorgeous little felted mouse….


You will find her at AnjiTeri in Etsy….how exquisite is she!!! Don’t forget to let me know if you have an Etsy shop and I will feature one of your items for you…. Click on Etsy Link below to take you to the little mouse and other similar creations…

Etsy UK

On that happy little note, it’s time for a cuppa and some reading…

Happy Friday night to one and all…

Geri xx

Make Peace With Imperfection


In this social media age we spend hours scrolling through the words and pictures of not only our nearest and dearest, but complete strangers and people on different wavelengths to us, people we wouldn’t want to spend time with….They all seem so perfect don’t they….oh they do….But, the majority of them, the majority of us, also spend hours getting that perfect picture, telling the perfect story and making it all seem like an instant moment of idealistic joy….Sometimes it is….sometimes it just seems to be… It pays to remember though that nobody is perfect, nobody has the perfect life…..the secret is in enjoying the life you have, if you want to change something….just change it….and if you haven’t changed it…why not?

I have lots of things to change and procrastination is my middle name….whether it be a fitter body, a healthier diet, a skill I always wanted to learn (one of mine is yoga and yes I have made contact and waiting to get into a class….) you have to take the action to make it happen….we all have reasons to put it off, start next week, diet starts on Monday, I feel a bit poorly, I don’t have what I need….I have been doing this for years….according to Mel Robbins you need to take action within 5 seconds, whatever it may be, making a phone call, sending an e-mail, just any action towards putting your dreams into motion….and she is right when she says you need to do it now because “you are NEVER going to feel like it”.  If you want to start something from scratch, always wanted to, Google it, take classes in it, read everything you can about it….the resources are all there for you…. I am only half way through her book, I do like it, can you tell???

                   Stop Saying You’re Fine: The No-Bs Guide to Getting What You Want

So, in a nutshell, if you strive for perfection you are never going to happy.  We all look different and we should all accept each others differences, whatever your size, whatever your face shape, whatever hair you have….we are all beautiful….absolutely enjoy what you have…..


Picture taken from Christine Stalder on Etsy

That’s my little bit of wisdom for this evening…..

Remember Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!!

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking Over Your Life

So, it’s goodnight from me….and it’s goodnight from Timmy Twoshoes…


Geri xx

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

I find myself revisiting this book, one of my favourites and today the task was to get in my car….not get wound up about those drivers that wind us all up….let them pull out in front of me, let them not thank me for stopping to let them through….wow, I can even say it and still feel relaxed…make it your mission tomorrow….let me know how it goes, it works for me….it is such small stuff, we all know this, deep down….let them drive on their way, give them a smile….they hate that….and SING….I have Jason Mraz – especially Living in the Moment!! What a great song….go to the link and give it a play and pay special attention to the lyrics…..


And if you haven’t read Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff yet, you really should….

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking Over Your Life – you can get it here on Amazon – affiliate link.

Today I ate salad!!!! And I enjoyed it!!!! In my little Chinese Takeaway tub….


Really basic, just lettuce, tomato, cucumber, chicken and Balsamic Vinegar…. But I have to get a good funky salad bowl…. I have my eye on this beauty….


From the dotcomgiftshop – not an affiliate link, just takes you straight there and check out some of the bowls and plates, very very very colourful!

Today the weather was so good it was time for a stomp around the normal circuit with Georgia….the wild flowers are beautiful…..the sky was blue, the sea was calm….the air was fresh and there was nobody about but us…. perfect…

Totally chilled and off to bed to read…..currently reading…..


Love it so far!!!

What Would Mary Berry Do? affiliate link to Amazon….

Don’t forget, tomorrow, wave like a maniac at all other road users, see how it makes you feel!!


Geri xx

Just working hard until the weekend…

Well, it has just been a couple of days of really hard work, sending out parcels, being a taxi, house chores and all the stuff that life is made of… the only beading I managed to do is pull out the next few bits I might work on…


I have this interesting vintage pendant of a Greek lady, an old costume jewellery necklace and some green leaves….this might be fun!!  Before this I have to tidy the work area…you know how it gets out of control, on Friday we have Jade arriving to learn some beading as part of her Duke of Edinburgh new skills section….I think I am going to be surprised how much stuff I have in those craft drawers!!

I have a decoupaged stone to varnish and put in the front garden….we have a line of sunflowers growing out there so bright stones will be an added extra for the summer…


It’s a little rough around the edges but for the garden it will be fine….

Yesterday I spotted this picture by @kazloubeck on Instagram… she has beautiful pictures go and have a browse…


Aha…..we used to have one of those in the old lean-to kitchen before it was demolished….. a search of the garden found this….


Along with a rather fluffy passing cat who couldn’t work out why I was interested in an old pump at the bottom of the garden….

We have a well just outside the house which will be in the decking so watch this space….but don’t hold your breath just yet….the garage is still being built and because the garden is muddy the cats are practicing modern art on the house walls…just below the window sills…


I think it would look good in a frame in a gallery somewhere….

The sun has now set….it’s time to go and read some more of Mel….pyjamas, Liz Earle and bed…

Geri xx

Fathers Day is coming soon….so will just pop some ideas down there which will normally be affiliate links…this site Atelier Chefs has a great little section where you can put in a search box an ingredient e.g Parsnips…or whatever you have lingering in the fridge unused and it will give you recipes to use them up….pretty useful…not tried the recipes yet but I will….

Stop Saying You’re Fine and Cornish Cream Teas

And yet another delightful sunny weekend…..It finds me reading Stop Saying You’re Fine by Mel Robbins….it is a breath of self help fresh air…she seems to know me so well, maybe I am just like the rest of the human race after all….


I found Mel purely by accident, browsing through You Tube videos after going to bed early…yes, when I should be reading because of the whole “blue light” thing… I clicked with this immediately….this lady is so wise, got me rethinking things straight away…yes, I do have a massive list of things to do and a massive list of things I want to do, so why? oh yes, why? am I not doing them…yes, I surf the web far too much, spending all my time finding inspiring ideas and pictures I love, but by then all the time is gone and I never get time to do them…..Part way through a chapter this morning I flung it down (yes, part way, believe me I NEVER put a book down without finishing a chapter) I Googled local yoga classes….I have always wanted to do yoga and for all my years in my twenties and thirties of constant aerobics and gym sessions, I never got around to yoga…the closest dear friends was the Geri Haliwell DVD which ended up with me hurting my hand and never doing it again….don’t get me wrong, I love our Geri, after all, she did make my name cool but it wasn’t the real deal, doing it at home in my sitting room.  I have put in my first email request for more information to the closest one I have found, yes, I took action….in five seconds!!  Over the coming weeks I will share the odd tit bit from the book to get you thinking…but if you can’t wait I well recommend purchasing it…link below, which is an affiliate link…if you don’t want to use the link just go to Amazon and type in Mel’s name…you will find it straight away….

                   Stop Saying You’re Fine: The No-Bs Guide to Getting What You Want

Saturday saw me taking Georgia off to school in the morning laden down with a ruck sack she could hardly lift ready to start the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze practice walk….


It took about 60 seconds to find all the bits she had already looked for….do teenagers have blind spots….

So, it was a quiet night tucked up in bed thinking about her in her sleeping bag, in a tent, somewhere in the middle of nowhere with no toilet, no facilities (it turned out they were on a campsite with showers and toilets….now that’s not the way I remember camp being…I am sure it was a smelly hole in a tent and no showers whatsoever).

Then a text at 7.15am saying they were packing up and on the way back…7.15am on a Sunday??? Oh poor Georgia…..

Christopher was working all day on trailers and boats and stuff I pretend to understand…so awaiting the call for pick up of blister ridden child I loaded up Ethel and paid him a visit with scones and jam and clotted cream….


Cream on top of the jam….always, always….when in Cornwall…..

Cream tea out of the back of the truck with our tea in mugs….it’s never about being in the most expensive restaurant (even though sometimes this is the right thing to do….first date etc etc..) it is always about the company….how could you not love those little leggies…..

Finally the call, time to pick up Georgia….amazingly blister free and sounding OK….all failed terribly at map reading, got lost several times…but all smiling and happy…well done to the girls team for being positive and strong – Girl Power Ladies!!!!  Happy Birthday to Jade who had to wake up in a strange tent on her birthday and Well Done Stina for acting as midgies bait as she appeared to be the only one to get bitten….


Home at last with the ruck sack she could almost fit inside….straight to the shower and early to bed…..

And an early night for me too…..a new fun parcel from Liz Earle…time to try out the Eye Cream….will keep you updated on it…this brand has never let me down yet…


Liz Earle Eye Cream

No jewellery updates over the weekend even though the next project has been lined up based around a great vintage Greek Lady Pendant…


I still have lots of charm bracelets left at the Etsy Shop so feel free to take a look.

That’s it for now….wake up tomorrow and enjoy your Monday!!


Geri xx

Pasties and Poppies

Squeezed in a little beading session this evening….I really love this bracelet connector and hoping to get some more very soon….here is the Poppy Field Bracelet for you….great colours too….


It is in the Etsy shop right here….

Now as promised….the pasty recipe we have been using!


We aren’t experts just yet…and the crimping needs a huge amount of practice but if you want to have a go, here is our preferred technique…

For the pastry:

450g of strong white flour (with a pinch of salt if you like)

100g butter (the recipe states margarine but we prefer to eat butter, margarine has weird fats in it)

100g of lard

175ml water

Put the flour and salt in a bowl.  Recipe states to put in a quarter of the lard and rub into the flour and then grate or slice the rest of the fats and stir in with a knife.  We have been chopping all the fats and rubbing into the flour to make a kind of crumb mixture.  Then pour in the water and stir until absorbed.  Knead it a little and leave in the fridge for 30 minutes before using (we must admit that sometimes we just make it and use it straight away).  Christopher was not so happy with getting the hands in there….. I usually make the pastry…


Pastry can be made the day before and wrapped in cling film and kept in the fridge.  It freezes well but take it out the night before you need it and don’t refreeze it.

For our pasty fillings (for each pasty):

50g onion

75g swede or turnip

115g beef skirt

150g sliced potatoes – we chop them up quite small rather than slice

black pepper and salt (lots of it).

Keep your chopped potatoes in water to stop them going brown and yukky.  Cut your beef skirt into pieces, remove any fatty bits…eeewwww….

Use lots of flour on your board or the area you are using.  Cut off a quarter of the pastry, we manage to make a pasty with a bit less than a quarter….you must make the size you like….

Roll out the pastry….we treated ourselves to a new rolling pin for this!


We got ours from Wayfair and it is currently out of stock but they do have similar marble ones to go for.  I had been using a wine bottle to roll out pastry for a little while and had some Wayfair loyalty points to use.

The average size of the circle you need is 8-9 inches across, find a plate roughly this size and trim around it to get a good shape.

We rest half of the circle on the board and lift the other half onto the rolling pin – I am going to try and find the You Tube video link we originally watched to show you how to do this… then in the bottom half we layer the potato, onion, turnip and meat.  Put the seasoning in the middle and then layer some more on top.  Our first efforts didn’t have enough seasoning so use far more than you think you will need.  A tip from mother….put some butter inside the pasty with the mixture to make it moist, it works.  Also never put your salt on top of the mixture as it can make the pastry taste bitter.

Dampen one side of the pastry with a little water, this will help it to seal when you are crimping.  Fold the pasty over and press firmly but gently together.  Controversial for a Cornish pasty, but most say the crimping should be along the side not along the top.   The only way is to watch someone doing it so I will try and find a link.

Now make some slits in the top and brush with egg, we tried egg and we tried milk….we prefer the finish of the egg.  Now place them on baking parchment in your tray….on this day we ran out so used foil instead…and this is just before the slits were added….


They are baked in a hot oven 22oC (425F, Gas Mark 7) for 20 to 30 minutes.  Check them and if they are brown turn them down to 160C (325F, Gas Mark 3). Bake for another 20 minutes then turn off the oven and leave them in there for a further 15 minutes with the door shut.

Eat them hot, eat them cold…however you prefer….

There are many different flavours, I enjoy a cheese and onion pasty….

Yay, found the original clip we watched when learning and she is lovely…


Click here and you should go straight to a lesson in pasty making…..

Remember if you make some Cornish pasties (not technically Cornish if you aren’t making them in Cornwall) please do send me some pictures….I would love to see them!

And if you are interested in the history of the Pasty when it was created for the miners….


Just take yourself here…. it’s pretty interesting…

Ansom me loverrrs…


Geri xx