The Spiralizer Trial and Green Stuff


So, it has been a couple of days since I checked out Facebook….and the time away has been pretty refreshing….I’m not entirely sure what’s going on out there in everybody else’s worlds but I am spending more time in mine…..

I was given my Spiralizer at the beginning of December last year and only just gave it a try….I so wish I had used it straight away, it’s so easy!! I had promised an update and here it is….. You simply take it out of the box, slot in the blade you wish to use…being particularly careful, nobody wants fingeretti….. shove your courgette, carrot or whatever you fancy using in the prongs bit and attach it to the blade bit at the other end and start turning the handle….and there you go…simple as that…..


How very beautiful is that!!!  I decided to use both of them in my dish….Christopher liked both….I would prefer the carrot raw on a salad…but I loved the courgette….courgetti….  I blitzed together a tin of tomatoes with some garlic, ginger and chilli flakes…cooked up some chicken chunks in coconut oil and then threw it all together for about five minutes and slung it on the plate….that simple….


Looked and tasted like something pretty complicated but couldn’t have been easier….never, ever admit this though….always make out it took and hour or two to prepare and cook…..

I’m not sure of the make of my Spiralizer but there are plenty of similar makes available….mine is pretty close to the Hemsley + Hemsley Spiralizer with No Quibble Lifetime Guarantee (Amazon affiliate link).

This is the week I found an article by Michelle at The Barefaced Chic which has changed the way I eat and made it as simple as it can get…I have lost a couple of pounds already without trying!   It’s all about eating vegetables….and that’s mostly it  but do head over there and have a read because it’s like a little light bulb moment which could change things for you…..

So, I had the light bulb moment but eating vegetables should be varied and I finally found “my thing!”  Amazingly it is cauliflower and broccoli blitzed up in the food processor….


Add some salt and some pepper and we added chilli flakes just because we add that to everything…. melt some coconut oil in a large pan and cook up the “rice” mixture….(don’t be confused, there is no actual rice in there….)


And plonk it on a plate with some quorn sausages, cabbage and gravy….


It tastes so good I had leftovers for lunch the next day, reheated and by itself….nothing added…. Recipe comes from the Lucy Bee Cookbook Coconut Oil – Nature’s Perfect Ingredient (Amazon affiliate link).


Georgia and I went along to our second yoga class and I must say she is getting it like a pro and far bendier than I am….but, I am doing it every morning and feeling great!  Like a well oiled athlete I can actually tie my shoe laces now….. I am drinking water like I should…. with the help of my HydrateM8…I obviously have the pink one….

Facebook Advert (1)

I am twice a day having a date with Liz….


Only a couple of hours left on this deal….I ordered two earlier!

And I plaster my face with coconut oil at bedtime…..mid life crisis?? Me?? Nooooooo……

That’s about it for the current catch up…..I have a new book to start and an early call  for the supermarket tomorrow….my favourite job….NOT…..

Go do stuff people….drop the phone and just go do stuff….

Geri xxx


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