The House We Grew Up In

The House We Grew Up In

This is the first book I have read by Lisa Jewell and it was very, very, very good!! Beautifully and sensitively written, a story told through Easter flashbacks about a family, perfect it seems,  about to become dysfunctional in what seems like just a moment.  The slippery slope was already there, just waiting, but in a moment it steepens and there is no going back.

When a tragedy breaks a family apart, what can bring it back together?

The Birds seem to be the perfect family: mother, father, four children, a picture-book cottage in the country.

But when something happens one Easter weekend, it is so unexpected, so devastating, that no one can talk about it.

The family shatters, seemingly for ever.

Until they are forced to return to the house they grew up in. And to confront what really took place all those years ago.

When a book continues to stay in my mind several days after reading it then, I know, the author has successfully conveyed a message…  Do we have choices about our life paths or do we just accept it and call it “life”.   Hoarding, I could never quite understand it, but, now I can see exactly why somebody would find themselves doing it….(this will not happen to me….I am slap, bang in the middle…thankfully).  Are some people just different, or do they need help, after all, who are we to judge what is and isn’t normal…. Should we change them, do they need to be changed?  Lisa Jewell, I am going to be mulling this one over for quite a while…..

In a nutshell, it’s thought provoking, it’s easily a compulsive page turner and each and every person has a story to tell…really, we all do,  so giving others a break some times might be all it really takes….there certainly are some life lessons in there….

I enjoyed this book so much I have just ordered The Making of Us – I have a few Lisa Jewell books to catch up on….

In other news, I am managing to limit my computer time and doing lots of things….last weekend saw us at Watermouth Cove in North Devon with Chris attempting to back flip using the flyboard….I am still awaiting pictures taken from Go Pro footage to share here…

No pictures of me because I burnt my face and resemble a beetroot, but here are Christopher and the lovely Jae….I think there might be a bromance going on here….

Christopher and I had a romantic Saturday night in , eating and a couple of drinks…

There was talk of a romantic candlelit bath….but we both felt tired so went to bed and fell asleep instead….this truly is real love!

The week has felt busy because I managed to catch my second cold of the year and the house is now full of catch up laundry, washing piles and ironing piles that might just have to wait until the weekend….a new Gooseberry bush to plant….lots of clothes to sell to make some room (so that I don’t become that hoarder).  Had to miss yoga because of illness but should be back on track tomorrow….

And the garden is STILL a building site but the floor is down upstairs in the garage now so just check out what will be the new office….


This is me secretly planning the bunting……nobody tell Christopher!!


Tomorrow….dentist!!! Not been in quite a while and I already know there is one filling to be done….yikes!!!

Geri xx

One thought on “The House We Grew Up In

  1. I just Jotted down the Book, so I can eventually get to it! Sounds great. Such a great post! You have been busy! Summer time colds are the hardest to rid of! 🙂 The office will be great! Sometimes it is hard to come in out of the sun when you are having a great time! 🙂

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