Have You Met Etsy Yet? VillaSorgenfrei

Every now and again I like to treat myself….

Today, two new rings from VillaSorgenfrei I have discovered on Etsy…as you can see I am hardly a hand model, but, dare I say, neither are the majority of you checking this out so normal bodies and normal hands it will be…..

This ring is stunning, beautifully packaged in it’s own little box, adjustable, made with real flowers in resin….so pretty.  Came to me in about a week all the way from Germany.

Now the other ring is statement…in your face full on groovy.


Daisies, real ones, set in resin…again on an adjustable ring…it’s pure beauty and I love it….

Here are some of the other pretties I have my eye on for the next time I fancy spoiling myself…

Pay the shop a visit, it’s well worth it! The daisy ring appears to still be in the sale!


Happy happy happy….it’s also Friday evening, off to eat with the family….been to the dentist and even though there is a filling to be done, it is smaller than I had anticipated….

Tomorrow I will be teaching myself to plant a gooseberry bush….total beginner!!

Happy Friday night all!

Geri xx

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