The Happy Gooseberry Bush


So, today, instead of spending my time Facebook scrolling I spent the day finishing the laundry (there were mountains), giving us fresh, clean sheets for the end of a productive Saturday and finally taking the gooseberry bush out of the kitchen sink and putting it into a pot in the garden.


Being a complete garden beginner I had no clue exactly what I was doing but it does look pretty….and I very much enjoyed the small task of planting….we shall see if it survives the winds out there tonight…it looks like a strong little thing and the thorns, well yes, they hurt…..

GOOSEBERRY Hinnonmaki Green 3L – affiliate link to the gooseberry bush I purchased.

I had been inspired to buy the gooseberry bush by a recipe in The Simple Things Magazine


Don’t get too excited, I bought those gooseberries yesterday and scattered them in the kitchen sink to fool Christopher…..our little bush doesn’t have any fruit yet.  This cake is a Gooseberry and Elderflower Cake….guess what?? Tomorrow the Elderflower Bush will be planted….  If you see something in a magazine that looks great,  don’t just think it, go ahead and do it….I might be buying my gooseberries for a little while but eventually I will have my own and will be able to use them.  Currently trying to get some Elderflowers and will then have a go at the cake….sponge has never been my strong point but guess what again?  If you can’t do it, keep trying, it’s all in the practice and lots of it……

It’s a quiet night….Georgia is somewhere in the wilderness in a tent taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award… I am guessing she is OK as the only text I have had is asking if the Love Island Final is on tonight and if so, who has won….I have Googled and it is on Monday so it looks like she won’t miss it….great to see her priorities are remaining intact…..

I am off to enjoy the bliss that is clean sheets on a Saturday night with a Jane Green book….


Aha, mine’s already done!!!

Chillout time is mine….

Geri xxx

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