Random Acts Of Kindness and Love


If you haven’t seen the little Portuguese boy and the French fan video clip on the news yet….take the time to take a look…it’s only a few seconds…you have the time…


Click here and just take a few seconds to see how it should be…. don’t worry it won’t take you somewhere viral, it’s just You Tube… I don’t think I can put videos on here yet….if ever…

It’s great to see this at a football match!

And isn’t it great to see someone so young showing such compassion and massive respect and common sense….

French man, much respect to you too….great reaction.

Can we just try and be kind…whether it’s your family, your best friend or a stranger you pass in the street…this is all it takes, a few seconds out of your day to make life better even if just for that moment for somebody else….

And as for acts of love??


Let’s not see this as anything other than it really is…a mother loving her daughter…I kiss my daughter on the lips and I kiss my mother on the lips…it’s because we all love each other hugely….nothing more sinister than that….

So, Victoria Beckham….I might never follow your diet or share the same air space as the legend that is David Beckham, but I do follow your ideas of loving your family…simple….


Peace and much love!

Geri xxx

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